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Johnny Zondagh's discussion posts

  • Johnny Zondagh 01 Feb 2016 4:37pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Manny,

    We are mostly using Google Docs for collaboration, however, lately we were using Padlet and it is really great for teachers to collaborate. We have also used Google slides with our students. If the slides are created and shared with them they can each work on a different slide and comment on each others' work. That worked well in one of my classes.

  • Johnny Zondagh 20 Jan 2016 12:19pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Hi Charlotte,

    Last year my students were communicating only through the comments they could leave on both their blogs and slides used in collaboration. I would like then to continue this trend and will look into Blogger and see if that will work better. I don't have the opportunity to use Hapara yet, but do think it may work well. This will be the case particularly to keep better tabs on what students are doing online. However, in saying that, we all know that we are trying to create independant learners and in the college/high school environment in particular.

    Would you say that your students are more engaged when they work collaboratively?

  • Johnny Zondagh 15 Jan 2016 11:08am () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Hi Charlotte,

    The hope is that by using blogs the students will be more engaged and conscientious in their writing. They could express their own opinion and in their own words about the topic. At the same time they could write about topics they are interested in to fully engage them. I started my own blog too and asked students to comment on my articles. We did this during the last term and need to take it further, grow their confidence and have more fun and involve parents too.

    We are a Google school and just makes sense to me to continue along this path. I find Google Classroom rather useful as I can comment on what they are doing while they are doing it, so long they have shared their Google doc or slides with me. I have also used Google slides where I created the slides, one for each student. They had to choose one slide to work collaboratively and comment on each other's slide in the comments box.

    How has collaboration worked for both you and your students? Did you find them to be more engaged and participating?




  • Johnny Zondagh 15 Jan 2016 10:51am () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Hi Jace7,

    Yes, that sounds good to me as I have noticed the same phenomenon.

    Actually I was contemplating 1 : 3 or will that cause another problem?


  • Johnny Zondagh 14 Jan 2016 4:07pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Hi Charlotte,

    We use Chromebooks and I find it a very useful tool. Since we have UFB installed at our school it is working much better. Previously we experienced too many connection problems to be achieving the required results. Last year I started using blogs with my students. This was more of a trial than anything else, however, I hope to take it a step further this year and develop it into an effective tool to record student voice. I have also used Google slides to work collaboratively with my students which I found realy good. Furthermore, Google classroom allows you to grade students work, give feedforward and feedback in an online environment. The beauty of it all is when students are away for various reasons, but they have access to the internet, they can easily stay up to date with their school work. Google Classroom is continually improving their service and I like using it very much. I am wondering how others are doing collaborative learning using Chromebooks and other digital technology.

    Regards, Johnny

  • Johnny Zondagh 14 Jan 2016 3:32pm () in Chromebooks and collaborative learning

    I am often using Chromebooks with my Y9 and Y10 classes. I have started experimenting with collaborative learning strategies on Chromebooks and would like to know if anyone else has done this before? Does collaborative learning strategies assist in students motivation to learn and to what extent? 

    Thanks, Johnny

  • Johnny Zondagh 18 Sep 2015 8:13am () in Explain Everything for Chrome

    Looks like a great tool. Will it actually lead to better, more efficient learning and deeper thinking  or just more visual gimmickry? Has anyone used it and what do you think about it. Please shed some light.

  • Johnny Zondagh 10 May 2015 6:23pm () in Self Directed Learning in MLE


    I thought you might find the following TED Talk quite interesting: