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  • Jo Maguire 19 Mar 2017 9:20pm () in Finish this sentence: This year I plan to...

    This year I am using Seesaw for the first time as a trial in my school.  I have 2 learners and their whanau engaging. I also have our itinerant teacher using the app with 5 children and their whanau. So far it is a great collaborative approach between teachers, learners and their family. It is especially powerful for those that can not always communicate what they have been learning. 

    My wondering is how time consuming this would be with a whole junior classroom? We now have I pads available which will be useful. I would love to hear how others are getting on with whole classes using Seesaw. 




  • Jo Maguire 05 Apr 2015 9:09am () in Collaborative models for collecting anecdotal evidence

    Hi Erin

    this sounds an interesting way for reporting. Just wondering how it would work if a parent had 2 or more children? Would they have to block in an hour for each child? 

  • Jo Maguire 31 Mar 2015 9:19pm () in New Entrant planning

    Next term I am going to work with another teacher who has 20 NE as I transition my children to school. We want to set up as a MLE but in 2 normal classes adjoined by a verandah and French doors. Any suggestions in how we should get started?

  • Jo Maguire 25 Mar 2015 9:20am () in Visual Memory

    This term my team are looking at visual memory as our inquiry. We are trialling visual memory activities each day to help children with the retention of alphabet letters, sounds and high frequency words. I wonder if anyone else has visual memory ideas that work with NE/Yr 1 when remembering is difficult.

  • Jo Maguire 24 Mar 2015 10:19pm () in Modelling Books

    Thanks Camilla! Amazing how we start on modelling books but now have a whole thread of thinking! Great discussion! 

  • Jo Maguire 24 Mar 2015 9:41pm () in Modelling Books

    That is really interesting how you are using QR codes. I guess there is an app for this? How do you link the sounds/ code? 

  • Jo Maguire 23 Mar 2015 7:53pm () in Using digital technologies to communicate with whānau

    I am working with NE/Yr 1. I was thinking more of a communication mode to set up the Facebook page. Children to contribute their work is it best on a blog , wiki or any other suggestions?

  • Jo Maguire 23 Mar 2015 7:16pm () in Using digital technologies to communicate with whānau

    I am new to blogs and wikis and would like to know if people use Facebook to communicate with parents. I was thinking of setting up a closed group for my class( which I start in Term 2)  I know early childhood centres are doing this and parents can see what is going on quickly. What do other people do? 

  • Jo Maguire 21 Mar 2015 9:55pm () in School Readiness Assessments

    Another thing we do is a cutting assessment- has anyone else noticed the decline in cutting skills?

  • Jo Maguire 21 Mar 2015 5:47pm () in School Readiness Assessments

    Hi am a NE team leader. We use Marie Clay Obs Survey,JOST, and JAM as our SEA.We test at 2 weeks and then again at 10 weeks. This gives us really good data,info for teaching etc.All children that are stanine 4 or below will be monitored closely and at 6 months at school they are retested and may become priority learners if there hasn't been accelerated progress. All data is on MUSAC and easily accessible. Release is given to each teacher through CRT and extra release for testing. Parents/ Whanau are reported to after 2 weeks at parent/pupil / teacher conferences. Then again after 6 months at school.

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