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  • Pam Redpath 29 Nov 2015 3:17pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    I believe that the Principal needs to demonstrate leadership in a range of different ways - either show he / she has some skills to share or work alongside others to learn - I like 'in the space' idea from Julie.  I have developed an ICT committee and we have worked through making the decisions for our LMS - began with Moodle, investigated Google and settled on Microsoft 365.  We are really happy with Microsoft 365 which includes Office and many innovative apps that can be used  They are developing and improving in response to teachers and are ready and willing to come into school and support / teach us.  The team believe it has an expansive functionality which is useful for all curriculum areas in the school.

    Our next step is to move into OneNote and OneDrive which is superb for class interactions and storage.  We are developing a range of different teaching strategies to have ICT support learning.

  • Pam Redpath 15 Mar 2015 2:20pm () in Improvement and how to get it

    i really enjoyed this article it makes sense. Doing lots of PLD won't change anything in a school unless there is clear vision related to student outcomes for change to happen! In schools what invariably happens is that leaders get soaked up in managing the day to day mele of in your face challenges. High performing schools seem to know the formula to care and support leaders to have the time to be leaders!