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Kim Proffit's discussion posts

  • Kim Proffit 10 Nov 2016 8:09pm () in Learning through play

    Thanks Jacqui, 

    I have been reading some of Kerryn's work and totally agree - very inspiring.   I am based in Auckland so visiting probably isn't on the cards unfortunately.   

    When you talk about developing a model - what does that look like exactly?  I guess I am wondering how I present this to my teachers.  I have ideas in my head and some experience with a Discovery Programme but it is a very new concept for many of my team.


  • Kim Proffit 08 Nov 2016 5:28pm () in Learning through play

    Hi there, 

    We are looking at developing a Learning through Play Programme in our New Entrant classes to help the transition from ECE.  As a team leader, I am in the process of gathering research and data to support the pedagogy behind this and have found this group great for finding and accessing that.  

    I am interested in hearing from others who have worked with their Leadership team / parent community and classroom teachers around beginning such a programme and the work they have had to do around the educating as to the 'why.'  I think this is very much the right way to go for our 5 year olds but this will mean taking a slightly different attitude towards meeting 'standards' which is a huge step.   Any information from experts out there would be greatly appreciated!


  • Kim Proffit 21 Jan 2016 3:02pm () in Collaborative planning

    Hi there, 

    I'm looking for help from junior school teachers in regards to collaborative planning and what it looks like. We currently plan together in our shared spaces using google docs however feel that the templates we use could be improved greatly. We have been doing a lot of parallel teaching but this results in single cell planning whereby a teacher plans individually for their groups particularly in the core curriculum areas. Are there examples out there that allow for planning to show the fluidity that comes with collaborative teaching. What does it look like / how do you do it in your junior classes? Any help is greatly appreciated and would be more than happy to share what I eventually come up with!!

  • Kim Proffit 06 Oct 2015 1:37pm () in Collaborative Practice - mixing up the way we do things


    I am a team leader with 7 New Entrant / Year One classes currently working within 2 ILE's.  This will be our third term in and now that the dust has settled,  we are quite keen as a team to carry out an inquiry into what effective collaborative practice looks like and experiment a bit for Term 4.  We work closely together now,  in that our classes are all mixed together and streamed for Literacy and Numeracy.  We teach in 5 week blocks so after a term and a half we have worked with each child in the ILE in Reading, Writing and Maths. Needless to say we have to collaborate with planning & are in constant communication to keep track of all the students etc.  I guess most of what we do is parallel teaching though.  I am looking for any suggestions of readings / resources / academia that my team can do a bit of research from first, before planning and experimenting with our practice to really make the most of the spaces and learning opportunities for the students.

    Thanks :-)