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Craig Wilkinson's discussion posts

  • Craig Wilkinson 14 Sep 2015 8:55pm () in Chromebook management question.

    Our school has previously purchased Chromebooks from a supplier with the Chrome device management as part of the package.  They are excellent and easy to use and we want to purchase 40 more.

    The question is do we need the Chrome device management? It cost about $90 more per Chromebook to have it and we were wondering if it was essential.   We can pick up Chromebooks from retailers for under $300 but they don't come with the management system and I don't know if they include the Google Apps for Education licence.

    Has anyone purchased multiple Chromebooks without Chrome device management? 

    Any thoughts would be helpful.


  • Craig Wilkinson 27 Feb 2015 9:33am () in Chromebook - Lease v buy

    Our school is thinking of  purchasing Chromebooks as we are heading down the google apps path. I was wondering if leasing was a better option than purchasing old devices can get fairly clunky with age.

    Any thoughts?

    Your help would be appreciated.