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  • Dean Sheppard 02 Oct 2015 1:13pm () in Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

    Hi Claire, 

    I agree with many of the others here, thank you for adding this back in April.  We started seriously looking at this earlier this year and using the (eLPF) helped us a lot in our strategic ICT thinking and planning. We now have a designated Elearning Co-ordinator who has the responsibility for pushing this forward at our college and is using the process you outlined above to do this. Obviously there are many questions to ponder but thank for the head start! 

  • Dean Sheppard 02 Oct 2015 12:36pm () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015


    We have been working on this at our school for the last 18 months or so...and it is amazing just how much there is that needs to be considered in order for a school to reach the extending and empowering stages.  We have bought in KAMAR 12 months ago and that has been a fantastic tool for communicating with caregivers and staff are now engaged in using its power which is great.  We are keen to keep up with the times in terms of the use of digital tech in the classrooms but before we could really invest in this we have been waiting for an infrastructure upgrade. Our current WIFI system can be a little hit and miss depending on your location in the school, this is due to the density of the wifi access points), luckily this is currently happening...after this upgrade we will be fairly confident that our network will deliver the capacity and robustness required for BYOD and reliable access for all.

    Then we need to think about how teaching and learning can benefit from digital tech? what will teachers do, what will students do and how....is it simply about access to online tools?, should we consider a more holistic approach such as using Google Classroom and associated apps? Should it be all of the above? My best guess is probably yes. 

    The next thing we needed to consider was a digital citizenship doc...easy take the generic one off the NZ website...(www.netsafe.org.nz/done!

    Ok so where to next? this begs the question...when do you tell caregivers it is compulsory for their students to have a device (laptop, ipad, chromebook etc)..To me this is a little like the chicken and egg scenario.  I actually believe if we want it to work effectively we need to develop the knowledge and skills of teachers so they feel confident using digital tech with their students...but not only this allow them to recognise that their students may well be able to teach them a few things...This is the stage where we are currently at probably still 'Emerging' but we are working on entering the 'Engaging' phase

    We have also recently appointed an E-learning co-ordinator who is using the eLPF as a reference point to drive our school in the right direction.

    NB...My previous school implemented a compulsory policy for Year 9 students and by Year 11 many students were not using their devices...this worries me a little..something else to consider when pondering the question when to make it compulsory.

    Anyways just a few thoughts