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  • Stuart Read 01 Nov 2015 11:44am () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

    I enjoyed reading your post Suzanne. Using KAMAR to improve  communication with the parent community is an excellent one.  It's great how this has led to a change in your reporting from a bi-annual reporting approach to a more formative, feed forward one. How does this sit with MOE reporting requirements? Do they accept this as reporting in writing at least twice a year or do you have to do more "formal" ones as well?

    Research tells us that when we strengthen the links between home and school and parents and teachers work in partnership, educational outcomes are optimised. Using digital technologies in the way that you are will help achieve that.

    From now on my Intermediate school will be using KAMAR to write our reports and record standardised testing data. This will help the transfer of records to the colleges that our students go on to. It's great that communication between schools will be enhanced.