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Eve Jones's discussion posts

  • Eve Jones 31 Oct 2015 4:38pm () in Blogger junior

    Thank you! Love the Blog

  • Eve Jones 30 Oct 2015 11:46am () in Blogger junior

    Has anyone used the Blogger junior Ap with a junior classroom? I am thinking about downloading the Itunes Ap but would like to know if its worth it?

  • Eve Jones 22 Feb 2015 11:34am () in School Readiness Assessments

    i am a Y1 teacher and my school uses SEA. it is carried out by another teacher or TA as this is a one to one assessment. I use the data to plan for and group my kids according to their strengths and identified needs / gaps. As to what happens to the info; i keep a copy and the data is used to check and track that the kids are making progress,