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  • Lee Austin 01 Nov 2016 9:02am () in Half ILE and half single cell

    Hi Rachel (and others),

    Our school is in the same position Rachel. I started working in our first flexible learning space last year, thinking that the space was the biggest difference. I have definitely learned that the space is the least of the changes and in some ways the least important thing. I now think that the changes in my practice could be the same in a single cell classroom. Team teaching is actually a totally different focus from the changes in pedagogy (as Neill says "effective pedagogy"). 

    I agree with Neill - focus on the pedagogy and develop a vision for the school of what learning for the 21st Century looks like. Then treat the team teaching and flexible space as a way to facilitate this vision. Then changes in practice can happen no matter which classroom teachers are working in.


  • Lee Austin 31 Jul 2016 7:14pm () in Research

    Hi all,

    Is anyone able to recommend any research or readings about the effects of e-learning  or blended learning on student engagement and / or achievement?

    Many thanks.

  • Lee Austin 19 Jul 2016 11:37am () in Learning Licences, do they really work?

    Kia ora Neill and Jace7,

    This is an interesting topic of conservation. My 2 cents to add are to agree with Neill's point about control versus engagement. I wonder whether learner licences are in some ways replacement for the real motivation of being engaged, excited and interested in the learning. If our students are not connected with what they are learning then other 'controls' such as learner licences become more important.

    So what are both of your opinions on how to truely engage our learners? Particulary with the expecations of National Standards and the pressures towards 'teaching to the test' that come with this. Inquiry learning comes straight to mind for me. Other thoughts?


    Nga mihi



  • Lee Austin 14 May 2015 8:27am () in Modern Learning Quotes

    Hi Rachel,

    I quite like this one

    "If all students can do is what they've been taught...then they can't do anything"

    Dylan Williams: Deputy Director and Professor of Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education, University of London

  • Lee Austin 17 Apr 2015 12:36pm () in Big classes

    Another question.

    Is it possible to have two email addresses as main addresses? My co-teacher and I have different emails but it would be great for us both to receive information.


    thanks so much for your help

  • Lee Austin 17 Apr 2015 12:28pm () in Big classes

    Hi Barrie,

    Thanks loads. I have already enrolled the class so do I now need to readjust something?


    thanks again

  • Lee Austin 08 Apr 2015 10:10am () in Big classes

    Hi all,

    We are a team teaching class with 47 year 6 students. What do you suggest is the best way to register our class? We don't really want to be 2 separate classes, however the registration form says that the class needs to be smaller than 36 students. This is our first time trying to use LEARNZ. Any help would be great. Thanks loads from Lee and Hilary

  • Lee Austin 10 Feb 2015 4:25pm () in Professional reading suggestions

    Kia ora koutou,

    My colleague and I are just starting a team-teaching modern learning environment for our group of 47 Year 6's. Very excited and loving the collaboration so far.

    I'm hoping that people might have suggestions for good professional reading to help us further our knowledge of the pedagogy and practice of teaching in this way. Nga mihi