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Kat Gilbert-Tunney's discussion posts

  • Kat Gilbert-Tunney 18 Sep 2015 8:58am () in Explain Everything for Chrome

    I wouldn't call it gimmicky at all! It is a tool for flipping your classroom if that's the way you are going. It allows you to demonstrate lessons and write as you go (basically a modelling book online) and then you can talk over the top of it. You can put pictures on to and move them around and hide them so they appear as you are counting (for juniors). You can upload the lessons for your children to look at later and you can refer back to them when you are taking your groups. It would come as highly recommended in my list of apps! If it is on chrome then that's great to hear as we are now using chromebooks.

  • Kat Gilbert-Tunney 04 Jul 2015 5:41pm () in New to Chromebooks

    Hi everyone

    I am about to get Chromebooks for my class of 22 starting next term (so set up in week 2 of the holidays).I have never trialed them personally as they were trialed before I started. I was wondering if there was anyone in the Tauranga/Te Puke area that uses Chromebooks in their class and would be willing to be a contact for advice and tips. Pretty sure they are HP Chromebooks. 



  • Kat Gilbert-Tunney 28 Apr 2015 7:53pm () in EduCampBOP 2015

    That's awesome Shona! We met at Educamp in Rotorua. Have passed on the detail to our staff and will pass it on to the others in our ICT cluster. Looking forward to it!

    Kat GT - Otamarakau School