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  • Manny Horua 17 Jan 2016 11:36pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Riki,  we are also trialling a range of collaborative planning documents and have chosen Google docs  as the format to plan with.  Some of us have also used Google slides to plan units.  Some teachers started using Google slides last year with the students for eportfolios.  In previous years we had used Powerpoint but wanted to trial Google slides so that students were able to access and add to their learning journey at home or where they had access to the internet - ubiquitous.  We then moved to sharing the weeks learning with the students for Maths and also set tasks with co constructed Success Criteria and a timeframe of when the work needed to be completed by.   There needed to be some timetabling with use of devices however this was easily managed with students signing up for "sessions" where they could work on the tasks in class but also being able to work on them at home.  We decided to start slowly , one learning area at a time but are quickly moving into other areas as well.  

    We have shared some of  our planning templates with the staff but are aware that some might be overwhelmed if shown too much too quickly.  

    I would love to see what others are doing in their schools also



  • Manny Horua 17 Jan 2016 11:07pm () in Teaching in ILE

    We too have explored collaborative planning and teaching and learning at our school.  We are a dual medium school, with a Maori immersion unit that teaches from Years 1-8 and a bilingual unit that caters for Years 1-6.  Although there are two units, we are one school.  

    Our journey began with our two senior immersion classes trialling parallel teaching before merging and moving into one space.  In order to prepare for the impending merge in the bilingual unit,  the two senior bilingual classes trialled working together for Maths , planning together collaboratively using Google docs and slides.   There have been many challenges along the way however it has been great to be able to share ideas and troubleshoot together.

    Other things that have been trialled have been planning across syndicates with Junior and Senior schools planning together, with many opportunities being created for the syndicates to mix.  In previous years there was a very obvious separation between the streams.

    Change has been very scary and challenging for some and it is important to allow colleagues to move at their own pace.  We still have questions , but are tackling possible solutions together, realising that the move is a journey  It has been reassuring and exciting to see that all are excited at what lies ahead for us with the impending new build this year.

    I would love to hear others' experiences in starting out with MLE /ILE also.

  • Manny Horua 09 Oct 2015 3:30pm () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

    Recently when creating student led portfolios  - due to frustration of inability to connect to the school server,  students deleting eports and loss of pendrives - a few of our teachers decided to try Google slides as the platform to use for eportfolios.  The results were great!  With students being able to access them at home (if they had internet access)  and the ability to revise history and restore any work that was accidentally deleted.  Teachers had a class email and shared out work to each student, essentially being able to see what the students were putting into their portfolios and being able to provide feedback notes along the way and respond to questions asked by the students in the notes section also.  The spin off effect was more capable students then created their own blendspace on how to use Google Slides and would direct their peers to that space or run their own workshops on how to perform different tasks as requested by their classmates.  The students confidently presented their own learning and then were able to guide their whanau in creating a feedback slide which required them to complete a range of tasks ie changing background, inserting wordart and a photo taken on entry before writing a message for their tamariki.  The whanau had a greater appreciation of the work involved in making their eportfolio as well as leaving a personal message for their child.  I am sure there are other programs out there but we wanted to use what they were familiar with already.  I will definitely continue along this journey ,  evolving along the way.

  • Manny Horua 16 Jul 2015 10:34am () in MLEs: That’s just a classroom with a beanbag isn’t it?

    We (a fellow colleague and I ) are also looking at team teaching and Modern Learning Pedagogy before getting the MLE.  I am currently teaching Year 3 / 4 / 5 students and she has Year 5 / 6.   There could be a few barriers such as our classes being a fair distance apart and possible problems during transitions but these could easily be overcome by using interval and lunch as transition times.  Definitely a lot to mull over and think about and research further into.  I am finding these posts interesting - reading about experiences of others at different stages of the same journey we are about to embark on.   Like Lisa, I also have a lot of questions that I will be talking with others about along the way.  Exciting times ahead!

  • Manny Horua 13 Jul 2015 11:31am () in Student Management Systems

    Hi Hamish, we have been users of etap for years and have never been shown the learner hub however now that I know it is there, I will be spending the next few hours investigating and exploring its possibilities.  We do not use it for reporting and have developed our own report formats for both mid year (snapshot) and End of year reports.  Would be good also to use the incident report format , tailored to what we have presently 

    Thanks for sharing :)