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  • Angelee Jarrett 13 Feb 2015 7:07am () in How we can help juniors reflect on their learning?

    A very exciting topic for me indeed!  

    My students are currently working out what it means to set goals and how to achieve them.  First, however, they had to think about what they were really good at doing.  We drew pictures (made the thinking visible) and then shared them with each other in discussion circles.

    Only three of my twelve students were able to actually tell me things they were good at doing.  This is a great starting point for us as now I know that I need to scaffold reflective practise for these little learners.  I will need to use 'think alouds' to model what reflective practise can look like.  I will also use 'talking buddies' from next week.  This will help the children learn how to share their thinking.  A talking buddy is a stone I collected from the beach that they children get to name and paint.  They even write a story about them. They live in our 'thinking garden' and the children will use it to practise using their reflective tools.  We often use our blog as a platform for getting our thinking out there.... the parents in the class can comment and ask questions.  Creating a word wall with stems for sharing learning can be helpful as well.

    Building community and developing language for how to share reflections are the best ways to start, so each person feels safe sharing and has a bank of words to help them do so.  

    Check out this site... it is so incredibly powerful for making thinking visible. I use these thinking routines almost every day for one thing or another!


    Thank you for posting this question Susan!  I am #following :)



  • Angelee Jarrett 15 Jan 2015 9:00am () in 2015 quadblogging

    Looking forward to learning how quadblogging works this year through Quadblogging Aotearoa!  Glad to have found this group.  Any tips and advice around this form of collaboration greatly appreciated!

  • Angelee Jarrett 05 Jan 2015 9:00am () in Year 0/1 Self-Directed Numeracy

    Thank you for sharing Danella! Sharing assessment strategies and recording forms is always so helpful!

    i am very interested I. Reading about your journey on your blog but a unable to access it from the link. Are you able to try once more please! 




  • Angelee Jarrett 28 Dec 2014 11:35am () in Visually stimulating or visually noisy classrooms... what do you think?

    Thank you for sharing this!  I have been contemplating how to begin the 2015 school year with my new entrants and Year 1s and this research has surfaced several times.  Our learning environment is quite large, with lots of display space on the walls but how much needs to be covered up!!??  I think I will allow time for the children to collaborate on how we would like to organise our learning environment... 

    Will share the journey I take with my students when we are back at school!

  • Angelee Jarrett 28 Dec 2014 11:26am () in Elearning tools for 5 year olds

    A few more to add to the toolbox...

    Educreations - I have used this is multiple ways including reflecting upon artwork and planning a design for our fence mural. The children take a photo and can annotate using the drawing features as well as voice over.  It is fantastic!  There is another app called Explain Everything that does the same sort of things except it is a bit more pricey!  

    Popplet - easy app for the younger learners to use as well.  It is a mind-mapping tool... have a go and let me know what you think.  The uses are endless.

    Cannot wait to try out Fotobabble!