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Tamara Toaolamai's discussion posts

  • Tamara Toaolamai 22 Dec 2014 5:01pm () in School Facebook Page: Policies and Procedures

    I've been deciding on whether to have a specific class page set up for notices and information. My students are Y8 and the majority have facebook with parental consent. Our school doesn't have a page and no plans to have one. Having discussed this with a friend who teaches the same age at a different school, she has found it incredibly valuable for numerous reasons.

    I'm thinking it could help monitor some cyber bullying and perhaps make students more aware of what they are putting out there on the internet.

    Feedback welcome laugh

  • Tamara Toaolamai 22 Dec 2014 4:55pm () in What exactly does 'Māori achieving success as Māori' look like?

    Just joined VLN and so very stoked to see this phrase being discussed!! I too struggled with how to illustrate what 'achieving as Māori' meant in addition to relating the concept to Pacific Island students. The above clip was fantastic and I look forward to checking out other taonga on here. laugh