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Christine Abercrombie's discussion posts

  • Christine Abercrombie 18 Feb 2015 8:48pm () in Teacher's working collaboratively

    I think whatever you do, make sure you keep stating and restating how your concept links to the purpose of the fund - that is to raise the achievement for our priority learners. Even if you cross over between the questions that they are asking.

    If you get stuck, feel free to send me an email or message me and I can help out. I found the youtube clips really helpful.

    Good luck


  • Christine Abercrombie 02 Feb 2015 8:50pm () in Does my project fit the criteria?

    Hi Ed


    I have found the application process ok - sometimes I felt like I was repeating myself between questions, but I guess as long as the links to the purpose of the fund is clear, that is all that matters.

    I will be submitting my application tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

    If anyone needs any help, let me know