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  • Candis Wood 08 Nov 2015 4:01pm () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

    I agree Maxine with your statement 'you cannot plan too far ahead with evolving technology'. 

    As the leader of our senior syndicate made up of 5x classes all with 1-1 Chromebook devices, I have lead this implementation process and along the way we have continued to modify, adapt and change our implementation plan many times. This is vital because if the implementation plan stays stagnant for too long, people get stuck in the same old same old and new developing initiatives get lost in the process. However, alongside this I do believe you need a period of time to consolidate new initiatives on the implementation plan otherwise staff can get upset that changes are being made too fast and also if changes are being made too fast how can a school ensure the correct practice for effective use is being adhered to?

    I believe that it is vital that ongoing staff PD needs to be factored into the school budget. We have done in school PD this year which has been led by myself due to an outside provider mucking us around. This PD has been delivered based on readings and findings that I have spent time looking into, as well as from observations of other teachers using such devices and programmes within their classroom teaching and learning environments. As well as this, I attended this years ULearn myself with one other staff member and all of my breakout workshops were ICT related and as I sat in each one having already tried some of the apps etc in my own programme or hearing of new ideas, I  wished that all of my team had joined me on this experience because I could see so much reward in them doing so having opportunity to gain PD not driven by me and my findings from PD I have been provided as a leader of this development but rather from what captured their interest to spark a direction for their own learning/practice.

    So 2016 is the year where I will push for others to receive more PD in this area because I as the leader  now feel I have a range of tools and strategies under my belt which I can support my staff with but they need opportunities without hearing this from me rather exploring first hand themselves just what initiatives are around for them to try in their own classes.

    In doing the above I see benefit in this for myself as I will have a team that will be more involved in working towards our vision for such use of devices in the classroom.



  • Candis Wood 08 Nov 2015 3:37pm () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

    Kia ora Jarrod, I read that as a school you are looking at rolling out Chromebooks in your junior school. Are you referring to junior school of a primary or junior school of a secondary?

    I am a year 5/6 primary teacher and we have just rolled out Chromebooks in our senior syndicate of 5x classes this year all with 1-1 devices. Would be happy to share parts of our journey with you if you have specific queries or questions you may be interested in hearing more about from a practical sense having just been involved in this process myself.

    Let me know.


  • Candis Wood 09 Jul 2015 10:57pm () in Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

    Great to start this discussion with the definition of e-learning. Although I have been harping on about this within my own teaching team when leading the implementation of Chrome books, it will be good to use this to support what I am saying and why I am saying it.

    Thank you to all who have posted comments on this forum. I have valued reading what everyone has had to say with implementing e-learning technologies into their schools and the processes they have followed in doing so. I particularly want to thank those whom have provided valuable sources to explore further. These have given myself some direction to follow to inquire more into implementing and supporting teachers and students with their e-learning journey.

    Such sources I will endeavor to inquire into as I continue on my leadership journey to implement 1:1 Chrome books within our senior syndicate of five classes with emphasis on these tools being used to further support our students learning needs are;

    For myself, someone who was thrown into the deep end with leading in an area that I would not consider to be of my expertise, this forum has most significantly provided myself with lots of points to consider and raise with my staff.   The biggest factors I have taken from my reading of these posts is that it is important to start with a vision-what are the skills that we want our students leaving our school to have that is going to further support them to become future focused learners having used ICT in their learning?

    Alongside this, I have had highlighted how important it is to share the vision/implementation plan with ALL staff while providing staff with opportunity to have their input into the vision and the implementation plan. This is something I am now in the process of doing, as I have pushed to be more involved in putting this together with my teaching team because although I have now been put in charge of leading this with my team some of the behind the scenes information has not been shared with me and after reading these posts I have realised some of the ‘policy’ type work around it has not been completed to the level required.

    Once this implementation plan is consolidated with my teaching team, I am aware that implementation of such devices should be consulted with whanau and this is something to which we still need to do as a school to ensure that whanau understand what and how these devices will be used to support their child’s learning from a home perspective.

    Another factor which I personally feel is the most important which others have mentioned is the change in teachers’ pedagogies to support the style of learning such tools provide our tamariki. Teachers need to be open to be a learner within their rooms and to receive on going professional development to support this learning to support their students using such devices as learning tools. I like how people suggested working with other schools in ‘opt in workshops’ based on needs of the teacher. This is something I will look into more with our local schools or just adopt within my own school. I am very aware that I need to look at teachers' capabilities and put small steps in place to achieve goals, build sustainability by providing safe environments for teachers to take risks in their e-learning journey, provide opportunities for teachers to see effective e-learning in action and to provide on going support.

    However; alongside receiving professional development, I believe teachers need to be open to inquiring into their own understandings of e-learning and such technologies being used in their learning spaces by being open to finding things out for themselves to support their own learning. This so far has been the mind-set I have been pushing with my staff, as some just expect to be given all the learning without being willing to sought to find out knowledge and skills for themselves. A question to others would be-how have you encouraged your staff using ICT tools to inquire into their own practice and knowledge of using such tools to support children’s learning and their own teaching without solely relying on professional development being shared with them?

  • Candis Wood 29 Mar 2015 7:16pm () in google docs planning for chromebook use

    Thanks Jacinda for sharing your google site with me. This is exactly what I want to set up. Will have a real good look and possibly send through some questions of interest :)

  • Candis Wood 22 Mar 2015 1:00pm () in google docs planning for chromebook use

    Hey all, just curious to see who is using Google docs planning and if so what your planning looks like. We have just this year got Chrome books for x5 Year 5/6 classes and we are looking at changing the way we plan moving to Google doc planning and incorporating more student accessible planning. Any thoughts and or comments appreciated.