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Helen Kennedy's discussion posts

  • Helen Kennedy 24 May 2015 7:56am () in Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

    "I worry sometimes about the term ‘engagement’ particularly with reference to digital devices. It is exciting to see students engaged and wanting to use the technology – but does engagement necessarily mean learning is happening?"  Tracey

    This is the part of your post Tracey that caught my eye.  It is a question that we as practitioners need to keep in the forefront of our minds.  Each week we set learning contracts for the students in literacy and maths.  We make sure that there the learning activities are connected across the curriculum to  inquiry,  various texts, achievement levels, interests of the kids. workshops etc. The apps that are used, and links made to websites are carefully selected so that the kids learning is the main focus. 
    We have spent time establishing an environment based on netsafety, becoming savvy with devices and even more so  being responsible learners. However despite all of this there are those students that find it difficult to show or produce evidence of their learning. I am not just talking about focus students either. We have given them the option of using both google drive and learning journals (books).  Each week contracts are upload through 'Hapara' to their  google drive folders. This is done on a Sunday, so the students have time to look ahead if they wish.
    Because we are operating a blended environment it is really time consuming when checking the students work.  I delve in an out of google folders and cross check learning journals.  Despite all of this there are still students that look busy but are not completing work.  So Tracey, I love what you said about the term 'engagement' particularly in reference to digital devices.  And yes the kids are excited about using devices, but it concerns me that there are still those that show no student agency.
    So I guess I will finish by saying that an avoider is an avoider digital or not!
  • Helen Kennedy 30 Apr 2015 10:14am () in Creating timelines

    What apps can anyone recommend for creating timelines that you have used?  I have done a search and found suggestions but am unsure which one to use. I am wanting to create an historical timeline with my Year 5/6 class based on the school journal story.

  • Helen Kennedy 04 Nov 2014 6:00pm () in Flipped Lessons for Decimals

    Hi Erin,

    What is your interpretation on a flipped lesson?

  • Helen Kennedy 28 Oct 2014 2:57pm () in Using Google Forms to summarise data

    Thank you Jacinda, I shall check this out.  I is really helpful having people send me these hints.

  • Helen Kennedy 27 Oct 2014 9:44pm () in Googe Spreadsheet & Formulas

    Thank you Fraser, I will try this formula.  I watched the video and found this helpful.  I spent quite a bit of time this morning try to work it out, but then thought advice and guidance might be needed!  Thank you for responding to my request for help.  I really appreciate it. 

    Take care,


  • Helen Kennedy 27 Oct 2014 11:11am () in Googe Spreadsheet & Formulas

    Does anyone know the formula that I need to use to convert text to numeric from my responses spreadsheet so that I can make a chart?


  • Helen Kennedy 26 Oct 2014 6:44pm () in Using Google Forms to summarise data

    Recently I created a form to survey parents, teachers and students. All teachers were able to use it as they have access to google drive.  The years 3 - 6 students were able to fill in the survey form as they have a google drive account.  Some parents also have a google drive account so were able to fill it in.  However this is the problem..... for those that did not have a google drive account, the survey was downloaded and then filled in manually.  We then input the results of these surveys into the google spreadsheet manually.  When I go to look at the summary of responses only those with our school email address seem to show up. What can I do in order to see all summary of responses in the data? I hope that it is something very basic. Thanks :))