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Kerri Thompson's discussion posts

  • Kerri Thompson 18 Jan 2017 7:47pm () in Planning & Teaching collaboratively

    Hi Ngaire,

    We really appreciate you taking the time to share your story. I must admit I had not thought about engagement of whanau having the impact you suggest on how the kids view us as teachers. It is definitely something we were looking into doing better and more often but as far as it having an impact on the way our kids view us - well that is interesting; and now you mention it, it kind of makes sense:)

    I have just today spoken to our Principal about the importance of there being no "she is my teacher and the other is yours" sort of scenario. We are VERY adamant we want ALL kids to see us BOTH as people who can help them. I think it is definitely something we will look at embedding that the space is ALL of ours - anywhere, anytime, anyone type thing. 

    I also think being there each morning is vital ... for any classroom. It helps build relationships huh:) 

    Our goal is to cultivate a community of learners who have mutual respect. Being seen as equals is really important to this. Many thanks for your korero; it is really valuable knowing about the stuff that seems small but that is KEY.


  • Kerri Thompson 30 Dec 2016 9:18am () in Planning & Teaching collaboratively

    Kia ora everyone in this group. My name is Kerri and along with 3 colleagues we are moving into an Innovative Learning Environment 2017 - 2 teachers on each side of a new block with 50-60 learners between the 2. 

    The discussion we are initiating is also part of our Mindlab assignment and we would appreciate teachers sharing their own stories of how they went about beginning to plan/teach collaboratively.

    Although we have been changing our pedagogy over the last 4 years, we now have questions specifically around HOW the sharing of planning, teaching, learning, and day to day organisation is SHARED equally between the teachers. More specifically, how do we ensure the kids learn that ALL teachers are equally involved in their learning, and need to be respected equally?

    We feel both teachers in the space need to be viewed as having equal responsibility for ALL learners - at least this is the way we are thinking as we begin our conversations. 

    Any and all discussion would be appreciated as we attempt to figure out where we go from here!


  • Kerri Thompson 22 May 2016 3:03pm () in Application

    Hi my name is Kerri Thompson. I have just joined this group. I am wondering - are the next applications for the Teacher Led Innovation projects not open till November 2016. Is this correct?




  • Kerri Thompson 11 Feb 2016 3:06pm () in FORUM: One word to define your school | An Enabling e-Learning event (11 Feb - 3 Mar 2016)

    It is easy to choose ONE (TWO) words that describe what I want for the rest of my school year... I blogged about it here ... "Pursuing Punk" is my focus. This incorporates a few concepts... activating the demand for change, encouraging collaborative expertise, and continuing to build a 'punk attitude' in my learners...learners with a growth mindset who attack challenges like kicking over bins!!!

    I want my classroom to be learner-centered. One of our mantras is "My voice is important". After 2 weeks my learners are beginning to see that our classroom is about THEM... they are encouraged to 'learn their way'. 

    What I would like for the rest of the school is different as we are all at our own stages of 'change'. My Principal has asked for this ... to go from 'good' to 'great'. I think there is a LOT of changes which need to occur for this to be fulfilled. My ONE WORD (no I can't do it in one...TWO WORDS) for the rest of the school would be EMBRACE CHANGE.

    Thanks Nathaniel for giving me the opportunity to contribute:)

  • Kerri Thompson 23 Mar 2015 6:45pm () in Web based apps to raise engagement for a RANGE of learners.

    To put in my two cents worth... I carried out an Inquiry similar to this a couple of year s ago too. Something I found very engaging for kids is a personal blog. I guide my students to set up through 'blogger' app (we use chromebooks in our classroom too). They can customise their blog to be just what they want it to look. The key for their success is connecting with other classes so they get regular replies/comments on their writing. I found kids love an audience for their writing other than us...so blogs have been VERY motivating and engaging.

    The other thing I can suggest is booktrack.com   This is a site where kids can upload some of their own writing and add 'sound effects' to it and publish! I have not used this yet but a colleague has and has said how engaging it is for his boys especially.

    Good luck,


  • Kerri Thompson 22 Feb 2015 4:33pm () in change blog address and email

    Hi Barb,

    I know you emailed me about putting my class blog address on the spreadsheet. I have also just noticed my email slightly wrong too. it should all lower case  kerri.thompson@tamateaint.ac.nz (no capital letter on the 'k')


  • Kerri Thompson 19 Feb 2015 4:31pm () in International classes involvement in quad blogging

    Kia ora Lisa... if not my class of Year 7's would LOVE to connect and share learning via Kidblog. My name is Kerri and I teach in Napier NZ. We are 3 weeks into our year so the blog is new....only my posts on there at moment. But we are a 'connected class' and would love to connect with a class in this part of the world!

    Our class blog is  http://kidblog.org/class/theone6/  My blog is https://kerrithompsonblog.wordpress.com/ if you want to know something about my journey.

    My twitter handle is @kerriattamatea if you are on Twitter. My email is kerri.thompson@tamateaint.ac.nz

    Let me know!



  • Kerri Thompson 15 Jan 2015 9:30am () in 2015 quadblogging

    Hi Angelee. My name is Kerri and I teach Year 7. I did Quadblogging for the first time last year. My BIGGEST advice is... if you join... make sure you have a blog that is consistently updated but more importantly don't decide NOT to participate without letting the others in your group know you have to pull out (for whatever reason). I made a BRILLIANT connection with one class in my group but the other two never responded... so I definitely recommend it... so much fun for kids to know there is an audience out there!

    I would love to connect OUR classes as a way of learning/sharing with little ones... we could share stories/videos or even have GHO! My email is kerri.thompson@tamateaint.ac.nz if you would like to contact me. My twitter handle is @kerriattamatea if you are on twitter.

  • Kerri Thompson 24 Oct 2014 2:25pm () in Book Group #1: Key Competencies for the Future, with NZCER | from 3rd October

    Hi everyone in this conversation. I have just finished watching the recording of the 'wrap up' webinar which I was gutted to miss (softball duties on a Thursday afternoon). As I watched .. so many questions came up!

    Loved listening to Danielle and Reid with their 'at the coal face' contributions...just brilliant.

    From some of the discussion above it is clear that although many of us are keen to 'get started'... the dilemma is how? where? what? Danielle and Reid provided me with some kind of answers. Thanks so much the two of you.

    So.. the key things to come out of the discussion for me were.. 

    • Key Competencies can be woven into our learning experiences. I agree that we should not start trying to 'measure' them...too much measuring loses focus on the actual learning and starts putting students into boxes.
    • Reflective thinking is at the heart of ALL competencies. I was pleased to hear this as it confirmed for me WHY I spend so much time on reflection...at start of lessons, during lessons, end of lessons, end of week, sometimes through platforms like Twitter, #kidsedchatnz, Kidblogs, Edmodo, #tamatealitchat (our own school Literacy chat which I started and host!) at other times through Learning Journals.
    • The 'pesky question' around assessment which keeps coming up was answered for me succinctly 'Bring assessment into the learning experience'. I actually do this when I think about how I teach/assess Literacy.
    • We need to open pedagogy so it 'allows different perspectives'. We need to provide opportunities which can 'create different perspectives' which the students can then use to 'create something new'. 

    The webinar concluded with ONE piece of advice from Danielle and Reid.

    Danielle: "Start with Design Thinking"

    Reid: "We don't need to start with 'lofty' ideas...they can be small, manageable, school-focused problems which are relevant to the kids" to get started on.

    With that reflection done... it now comes to MY questions and ideas of how I might tackle this during the last few weeks of the school year.

    We have had programmed into Week 5/6 a Water Safety Study. I have been thinking how I can 'turn this into' more of a 'wicked problem' than a Topic study type thing which my colleagues are doing.

    Some help or guidance with my ideas would be appreciated. I am thinking I could put it to the kids..

    We are having a focus on Water Safety ...why do you think we are focusing on this? Is this an important topic for us/you to focus on? Why is this an important topic for us/you? How does 'water safety' relate to you personally? Would a trip to the beach be appropriate as part of this study? Why would a trip to the beach be part of this study? What might we do/learn at the beach which relates to 'water safety'? (Hopefully questions arise about other 'water' places like rivers/lakes/pools etc which kids can follow-up too).

    Am I right in thinking that if we can discuss some of these questions (and others that the students come up with through the discussion)...the 'wicked problem' of drownings at our beaches would hopefully come up and that from here...'away we go'!!! with the kids initiated question being... How do we reduce/stop drownings around water in New Zealand?

    Any feedback on my idea would be great. Thank you for providing this platform for discussion...invaluable!

    Kerri Thompson


  • Kerri Thompson 05 Oct 2014 8:06pm () in Book Group #1: Key Competencies for the Future, with NZCER | from 3rd October

    Hi Book Group. My name is Kerri and I am very interested in the discussion about this book. I did have some conversation this morning on Twitter with you Rachel and Reid and appreciate you answering my questions. 

    What you say above Rachel struck a chord .. that 'as learners we're always TOLD that what we learn will be useful for us in the future'... whenever I am discussing Learning Intentions with my students, this is what the students TELL me when I ask the question 'why' are we learning this?' I then ask them to elaborate and tell me HOW it will help them in the future.

    Anyway... I think the best place for me to start will be to ask my students "who decides what you learn in school?" or something along those lines (what you suggested via Twitter this morning). I will see where this takes us! I am looking forward to the discussion AND QUESTIONS which arise from this. I will hopefully find the whole thing becomes organic and develops on its own!

    I will keep the group informed on what happens!