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  • Geoff Siave 13 Feb 2017 11:38am () in Learning Licences, do they really work?

    Thanks for sharing, that Kathe.  And Neill and Gretchen, I've really enjoyed this thread since it resurfaced last week.  I see strong alignment between the most core parts of deep learning, the NZC and what you are working on in your rooms and schools. 

  • Geoff Siave 16 Jun 2016 11:32am () in TV's vs. Data Projectors in Classrooms

    Chrome cast stick $70-80.  Worth getting to use at home to get used to it.  Great for Netflix!

  • Geoff Siave 15 Jun 2016 12:23pm () in TV's vs. Data Projectors in Classrooms

    With TVs you could use the HDMI cords or the other whatever-you-call-them cords to get your laptop image on screen.  Better still is to use chromecast or an equivalent facility to allow wireless laptop to tv duplication.  

    Chromecast device look like a usb with a power cord.  It plugs into the tv and into a power point.  You download the app to your device and you're off - wireless device to TV screen mirroring.


    Of course, when you're shared into documents by the children, that allows you to use children's work for examples (etc.) more readily. 

  • Geoff Siave 09 Sep 2015 5:56pm () in MLP or just Effective Pedagogy

    Kia ora Neill

    I've always been reluctant to use the term "MLE"  (and "MLP" and "ILE") as they all intimate a formulaic "way" of being. You'd need to ask what is the key in each of those acronyms?  

    modern? - well, by definition that is a a temporary  label.  At best it is describes an evolving innovation.  The term "innovative" is a temporary title which lasts only until it's been replicated a few times.  

    Neither modern nor innovative go any way toward describing anything about the pedagogy except that it's recent.

    I've been using "collaborative" as it goes at least part way to describing the essence of the teaching and learning philosophy we are seeing as key. 


  • Geoff Siave 28 Jul 2015 9:43am () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    I really like your suggested five priorities, Neill. Simple and pointed.  

    I recently came across the concept of "the environment as the third teacher".  That works on different levels - the layout of the room is an obvious major factor - catering for a variety of teaching and learning needs - as in the oft-quoted MLE considerations of light, ventilation, acoustics, various learning spaces, etc.   

    Whatever we put on our walls is also hugely important.  We will have material which help our "soft systems" run smoothly, such as instructions, directions, learning reminders, behavioural reminders, in/out signs, groups for various parts of the programmes (usually these groups will have each child's name on a detachable label to allow for group flexibility from day to day), and other important reminders.  These will help the class operationally and also provide a reason to read or decipher language, symbols and texts (not all instructional signage will use text).  

    Of course a third major part of learning in the environment is the prevalence of material which contributes to - or is a reflection of - the learning.   Whether it's written or drawn, hand made or digitally generated, still image or moving, interactive or static, one dimensional or multi-dimensional.  The "share" component of the "learn, create, share" process is potentially a powerful celebration and application of learning which contributes to the environment being a valuable third teacher.  

  • Geoff Siave 25 May 2015 10:46pm () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    That's a goody Johnny.  And thanks Abbie for the info and Sarah for the question.  These are exciting times!

  • Geoff Siave 24 May 2015 8:05pm () in Cloud photo storage

    That looks great.  I tshoukld be bvery handy for newsletters, and other publishing.  Do you downsize the photos before loading them in the google doc? 

  • Geoff Siave 13 Mar 2015 10:00am () in Kids teaching kids Te Reo online

    Justin, If you are still looking for options, you could try Grant  - granth@sis.school.nz - teacher at bilingual class (Te Tahu Rua Reo) - Shirley Intermediate, Christchurch

  • Geoff Siave 26 Feb 2015 12:40pm () in Coding for Intermediate students

    No coding done here, but really appreciate this resource.  It's encouraging and real.  Hoping to get a teacher or two to make initial steps soon.  Thanks for the VLN input.  

  • Geoff Siave 25 Feb 2015 4:05pm () in Document Camera or iPad Document Camera!

    We have these - Bought specifically for Art and tech teachers but obvious use across the curriculum.  We used Sitech.