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Rebecca Williams's discussion posts

  • Rebecca Williams 21 Mar 2016 9:27pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    Someone mentioned awhile back a site called Planboard. If it is the one from Chalk, then it is the that I, and now several other teachers at my school, use and we love it! My planning is so much more detailed and efficient, and it's so easy to move lessons around, rearrange them, add resources etc.

    I haven't used the NZC standards as I've gone through and added all of my own - I use it as a kind of checklist of everything I need to teach for a unit. It's really useful being able to see which skills/concepts I've already taught, and then go back and see when I taught them!

    For those who are interested, you can find Planboard here: https://www.planboardapp.com/. You can attach resources to specific lessons or units - uploaded files/Google Drive files/links/videos etc. You can also share some things, and download the day's lessons as PDF - useful if your school allows you to use this for relief! It does take a bit to set up initially, but once you have it makes planning so easy!