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Hellen Healey's discussion posts

  • Hellen Healey 23 Feb 2015 10:24am () in Number Knowledge Tracking

    Yes Kiwipadi y please email me hellen@redbeach.school.nz

  • Hellen Healey 22 Feb 2015 10:23pm () in Number Knowledge Tracking

    At Red Beach School I have developed number knowledge progressions for all stages.  They are maintained by students and teachers together. Teachers and students have found them very useful to show next learning steps. I would be happy to talk to you about them if you contact me at Red Beach School,  

  • Hellen Healey 24 Oct 2014 10:41am () in Mathematics learning Progressions

    We ideally try and incorporate as much strand as we can through rich number problem solving.  Measurement provides a wealth of authentic opportunities here. However we do keep a good eye on the big Maths and Stats Standards poster (11475) to keep us on track with strand.

  • Hellen Healey 20 Oct 2014 9:05pm () in Mathematics learning Progressions

    At Red Beach School we have developed numeracy progressions that link to the framework and therefore the curriculum and the standards.  We have covered all the number domains from stage 1-7 in both strategy and number knowledge.  Our children and teachers use them to show what the children have achieved in the past, what they are learning now and to co-construct the next learning step. They form a huge part of our student led conferences (not 3 way conferences). However, it is important that they do not become a a recipee to teach strategies in isolation.  They are best used as a tool through a problem solving approach and fit the maths involved back to the progresssion.  When the teacher sees a gap from the progressions problems can be set that would allow more efficient strategies  to be taught but but still valueing other strategies . This is a big shift for many teachers as it is a completely different appraoch. Those teachers that have been able to make the shift have noticed that children are much more motivated by practical problems that can be collaboratively solved.

    We have also developed progressions for writing level 1-4 and reading from pink level to 12+age.  All align with the curiculum and standards.

Hellen Healey

Associate Principal at Red Beach School with a particular responsibility for Mathematics. I share the SENCO role with two other AP's .