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  • Carolyn Crow 02 Jun 2016 10:06am () in Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?

    Hi Karla

    We are waiting patiently for a major rebuild which will result in us having all of Year 3-6 students in large relatively open but variable space classes with 2-3 teachers. However, this will be 18 months away and so fortunately we have a good lead-in time to prepare. In revisiting the theme of the ILE I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely not about the space! An excellent read is the OECD summary report of their Innovative Learning Environments Project - titled "The Nature of Learning". I love their 7 Principles of Learning which I see woven through the literature on ILE pedagogies. Additionally, there is a lovely page titled "Building Blocks for Learning Environments" - and not a mention of physical buildings at all. I intend to use this as the basis for our ILE journey, as it allows us to move forward with all of our teachers, not just those who will be in the new buildings. Maybe this document will be helpful for you too.

  • Carolyn Crow 16 May 2015 11:23am () in Research to support your MLE journey

    Is your school planning a transition from traditional single teacher classes to team teaching in MLE?

    Would you like to have some data as to the impact of that transition?

    I may be able to help, and you may be able to help me.

    I am a postgraduate student working towards a Masters in Education through the University of Auckland. I have been fortunate to receive a Woolf Fisher Lead Teacher Masters Scholarship, so I am working with the University's Woolf Fisher Research Centre under the supervision of Dr Mei Lai ,and with the assistance of Dr Kerry Lee. Generally WF scholars conduct research in their own school, but a change in circumstances means that I am now unable to do this.

    My research study is titled "Teacher student interaction in a Modern Learning Environment". I have a research project with ethics approval granted ready to go ahead in a primary school setting. As it stands the study focuses on mathematics, but could be easily switched to another aspect of the curriculum to suit the school. The time required for teacher and student participants is minimal. For teachers it would involve observations in their class followed by a 15 minute interview. For students it involves a 10 minute survey followed by a 10 minute interview. These would be conducted on two occasions, once prior to transition to MLE and once after they have settled in to their new space. The teachers and school would receive a copy of the finished research and would be able to use the information to further fine-tune their MLE teaching and learning.

    I would love to hear from any schools that might be interested. Although Auckland based, I am happy to work with a school anywhere in the country. I am passionate about contributing to the journey that our teachers and students are on with the rapid growth of MLEs throughout the country. 

    If you'd like to chat with me about it, please contact me via email:


    Look forward to hearing from some of you

    Carolyn Crow