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  • Shaun Brooker 21 Aug 2015 3:01pm () in Upgrading Teacher Laptops / Issues with TELA

    Hi Vincent, may not be a hardware issue...every now and then the software build is not good and this slows things down.  Just thinking it would be odd that a 'new' machine would be running slow enough for teachers to complain about their speed.  

    Really, spending that money for SSDs is really hard to justify. 

    I had an issue with some new TELA MacBooks and our techs told us we should spend money and put SSDs in them.  I had them reimaged with a new build and everything was fine!  

    All the best.

  • Shaun Brooker 27 Jul 2015 10:48am () in Parenting with iPads - Top tips


    HI Mike,

    Here is a link for a free iBook that I wrote on the topic... https://itun.es/nz/ClKJ5.l 

    (Obviously a need for this sort on information as this book has been Number on in parenting for about two months now...)


  • Shaun Brooker 11 May 2015 8:53pm () in Ipad Microphone

    Fully support Allanah's recommendation.  (Thanks for the link Allanah I have just bought three more!).

    Note that on the Apple Store online they have an updated version of this mic now called iRig HD.  They are more expensive but worst of all is they have a Lightning plug rather than a 3.5mm plug.  The lightning plug will be good if you have iPad 3 or newer, but we still have a ton of iPad2s around the place...