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Jace7's discussion posts

  • Jace7 12 Sep 2016 10:00pm () in Implementing Learner Agency

    I'd like to see these resources as well as I like the zones set up to encourage individual initiatives.

    Can you send them to Jacinda@stbernards.school.nz

  • Jace7 13 Jul 2016 6:37pm () in Learning Licences, do they really work?


    If a learner licence is for empowerment, then it seems to imply that a student can change their behaviour by taking control of their learning, but is it really?

    I am interested in the students who don't seem to have a vision of being able to self manage and enjoy working with the teacher more often. Therefore is it control then disguised  as a motivation of conformity?

    I agree that the amount of scaffolding is  a lot less than I had originally perceived,so licences can kind of work. I agree the restrictive driving rules are a little crazy as who doesn't want to give their friend a ride home or have to be back by 10 pm?

    The ability to self assess for some students seems difficult  or is there always a choice in their behaviour. I have noticed a number of students consistently mark themselves as the highest score on the rubrics we create and even when they have received peer assessment to the contrary, repeatedly do this. As a teacher do you note that they are still on the continuum or are we explicit in stating there is a misconception here.

  • Jace7 18 Jan 2016 9:53pm () in actively learn app

    I was reading a book about using 1:1 for inquiry and they encouraged students to use Actively Learn, where all students have access to the articles that they will read for their inquiry and the teacher can set notes and questions into the text. The student also has access to a thesaurus or the computer reading the word for them if they wish.

    I am thinking of using it for a Year 7 & 8 class, has anyone tried it? What are the pitfalls?


  • Jace7 14 Jan 2016 10:33pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    I am thinking of reducing the number of chromebooks to 1:2 in some collaborative work as it then requires greater communication  between partners as I notice there has been a reduction in talking since being 1:1 in the classroom. 

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Jace7 14 Oct 2015 10:55pm () in Explain Everything for Chrome

    The students can use Explain everything to show their own thinking and respond to other's reports. 

    In my class, they use it to evidence their learning outcomes have been met in mathematics on a weekly basis. The biggest challenge I find is some of our older Ipads don't take terrific photos. My class then set challenges for each other about their new learning, which is highly motivating and certainly isn't copied off the internet. 

    They find it more simple than trying to edit video and they can easily erase it when they are not happy with it and do it again. 

    I think the touchscreen is easier to use than the Google Chrome version when I tried it at home.

  • Jace7 20 Sep 2015 8:12pm () in google sites; using a Google calendar

    Hi I am constructing a Google school website, but when I am trying to input a Google calendar that only has student information on, it will only let the information be seen on the website as busy and excludes the details.

    I suspect it may be because of the school's privacy settings as being part of an organisation. Anyone else found this?


  • Jace7 23 Apr 2015 8:16pm () in digital citizenship video resources

    I have been using the Common sense material as it is well set out and has some great interactive games for my year 7&8 class. They have a new game for this age group 


    Nga mihi