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  • AliciaNT 01 Oct 2014 4:41pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    Kia Ora Tamara- I have been lurking through the VLN community for a couple of months now but due to a busy schedule at school and at home this is my first time joining in on a conversation. The CEM events have got me really excited ;-) For me as a teacher and curently an ICT teacher it is the students that drive the type of teaching and learning that we do today. There is no doubt that issues of economics, politics etc (as mentioned by Derek) factor into this however for me because our students walk into the classroom everyday already knowing so much about technology that we have to make that change. We all know that technology is not a phase in education and if we havent started that journey than we should. There are many different ways that schools do this. My old school (international school) I feel did a phenomenal job driving the change. Throughout the year School leaders, teacher and parent community worked collectively to research why and how. The following year our whole platform was changed and teachers were given devices, apps and programmes to explore. The only expectation given to teachers by school leaders was to try things out, discuss, share, see what works, see what doesnt etc. Since our teachers were all on varying levels on the tech spectrum from beginner to expert this worked really well. Less than 6 month later devices were given to students with the same expectations. In amongst all that was parent community workshops and teacher pd -mostly inhouse as all of us were so willing to share what we were learning and able to do with and for our students. By the end of that year there was so much innovative teaching practice, learning and creativity going on across the whole school it was amazing. I'm forever grateful for that process as it marked the start of my own elearning journey.

    My current school (in NZ) is working towards MLEs and are probably at the beginning compared to what I've come from, but that is totally okay.  In my experience the opporutinites that arise from a MLE are situations where teachers and students are often exploring and going on a learning journey together, and quite often teachers are learning from students just as much as students are learning from teachers. If done the right way it doesnt take long for everyone to get on board and drive towards the common goal of success for students.

  • AliciaNT 14 May 2014 6:38am () in Insight - Te Akau ki Papamoa Open Days

    Wow- Nga mihi nui ki a koutou! Very impressive Paula, thanks for sharing.