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  • Suzanne Harris 09 Sep 2017 8:01pm () in Help please? What digital tool would I use?


    If you would like your students to use their own artwork there is also story jumper  https://www.storyjumper.com that my Year 3 students are using.  You can use your student's drawings to match their writing and then record themselves reading their writing.   The books can be shared online with whānau and then they can give feedback.  This is motivating my students to use richer vocabulary because other people are reading their books and they want their books to be like real books.  This is making them really work on spelling, capital letters, and full-stops too.




  • Suzanne Harris 11 May 2014 9:33pm () in Ideas for using GAFE in literacy

    Hi Everyone,

    One of the ways we use GAFE in our Year 7&8 syndicate is to collaboratively plan and run Reading Clubs with our students.  This includes, planning what we are reading, shared discussions, creating presentations to show our understanding of texts.  

    Forms is brilliant for students and me to create questions about texts we are reading, especially as you can now imbed youtube clips or images for students to answer.  With a range of different ways to answer questions  a totally different experience to a "worksheet".  It is most powerful when students create the questions for their peers to answer.

    Happy to share some examples if anyone is interested.