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  • Paul Ashman 02 Aug 2016 7:11am () in where to go next ?

    Wow! I'm impressed with their questions Donna! What do others think? 

    These are interesting questions -how come the water doesn't go down and stop the volcanic fire? I've been thinking a bit about content knowledge and it's role with our science lessons (and an important part too) as well as thinking about when do I go for "science education" and when do I just 'do a bit of science' -I don't think the two are always the same! Sitting in a motel room in Opotiki and just off the top of my head, would this be one of those, let's have a quick chat about it (which may happen after I have a quick squiz at St. Google to find some answers myself!) rather than plan a unit or some lessons around it. I'm not sure, with our primary resources, we could get some practical activities for children to see what's going on at a volcanic level, or about the core of the earth -they could make little plasticine/play-doh balls of the earth showing a red core, and then the mantle and the crust to show our planet is made of different layers but I wonder/worry would they understand this anyway... and now I'm thinking does that matter if they don't get it, we're just exploring!

    I might simply talk about all that weight of water on top of the submarine (and children can understand water is heavy by picking up an empty bucket and a full one, and then another full one -now imagine the sea on top of you!) means it has to be built with very thick metal so it doesnt get squashed. I might ask the children Are the vents empty? Or is there something in them? There's certainly lava in the way or rock if the lava has called down! I think there might be a video of the sea cooling down lava in a Hawaii eruption -it will slowly cool down something that is very hot but it will take a lot longer... and is it fire? Or is it something just very hot? 

    These are probably all things children may encounter themselves off TV or in a book and I do like the idea that a chat is probably enough. I know it's us being the fountain of knowledge and with older children, I might try to get them to do a bit of research to see what they can come up with...

    Oh,  I'd also remind the children -this is science! How? 

  • Paul Ashman 10 Jun 2016 1:25pm () in Videos?

    Hi Cassie

    I think the only way is to make them a shared file on the google drive. The only issue is that unless you know all the email addresses, you'd need to make it general public which means anyone can see the video which I dont think would be appropriate...

    Alternatively, you can show us when we get together in a couple of weeks.

    Another idea -does your class have a blog? Could you post the video there and share the link with us?

    I think the whole video sharing is something we need a clever IT person to solve!

  • Paul Ashman 08 Jun 2016 10:06am () in Teaching Science Capabilities - Questions

    My first response is egads! This is a lot that you're expecting teachers to write -are you sure this isn't for a dissertation :-)

    Some questions for you... (thought I'd try out critiquing by question!)

    Why are you focusing on the capabilities rather than NoS?

    How will you collate -will the responses be on a number scale or paragraph driven?

    Are you concerned that a lot of this is very subjective -confidence can change day to day!

    Do you feel that teachers are aware enough of the capabilities to be able to answer the questions?

    Do you think it would be worthwhile to ask about the students too -their engagement, ability, curiosity?


    Anyway, just some ideas! Any others have thoughts, ideas or discussion to contribute

  • Paul Ashman 01 Jun 2016 3:23pm () in Photos

    I see you have tried... and we have all your photos now! I've contacted Tessa hoping she can help -good work trying though (and i do mean that!)

  • Paul Ashman 18 May 2016 12:39pm () in Photos

    Have you tried Lisa?

  • Paul Ashman 10 May 2016 6:30pm () in Photos

    Hi Lisa... I can show you next week... If you're really keen, click on "Group photos", click on upload photos. A box will pop asking if you want to start a new album -you do! Call it Lisa' s Album or whatever you like! Then a box comes up 'select files' or you can simply click and drag your photos from your computer into the box. If you would prefer, click on 'add files in this box (down the bottom on the right of the box) and then you can select the old fashioned way! Have a try!