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  • Steve Trotter 20 Nov 2014 8:35am () in Chromebook Management Console

    Hey Rob, 

    I can see a setting in Admin under Browser History to Always Save or Never save Browser History.

    Is this the setting that stops users deleting their history? 

    I have had a play and it doesn't seem to work, though sometimes policies take a while to kick in...


  • Steve Trotter 19 Nov 2014 4:03pm () in Chromebook Management Console


    Just disallow Incognito mode in Admin console - https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/2657289?hl=en

    Can't see any reason why students need this feature on?

    I don't think you can do anything to stop students deleting their history though??

  • Steve Trotter 19 Nov 2014 3:25pm () in Multiple users on on Chroombooks

    Hey Katarina,

    You mentioned ShowMe in your original question as an example of an App you use on your iPads.

    PixiClip is a pretty good alternative for your Chromebooks. 

    If you are having success with laptops currently, you will find Chromebooks a breeze!

  • Steve Trotter 19 Nov 2014 3:14pm () in Samsung software to download 90% of apple apps

    Maybe, but depends what 90% of the Apps it can download! i.e. what percentage of quality educational apps are available, I would suggest much lower.

    I recently had a parent ask me about Android devices. Off the top of my head I came up with the following Apps not available on Android - Adobe Voice,  iMovie, Puppet Pals, Write About NZ, KidBlog, Ministry of Education Texts, Popplet  and Garageband.

    I have no idea if these Apps are supported for Samsung, but would be surprised if they did!

    Also, we use Mirroring360 to airplay from our iPads and AirPrint to print - similar tools exist on the other side, but are different tools to invest in!

    Hope this helps


  • Steve Trotter 19 Nov 2014 2:59pm () in Which iPad to buy for classes? Quick opinion needed

    Hi Carol, Have you purchased yet?

    I recently asked a Year 5/6 what device they would bring if they could bring anything to school. 60% said iPad Minis, 30% Chromebooks and 10% iPads (full size). They really like the size of the Mini!

    In terms of space - I believe 16GB is perfect. It forces the user to;

    a) do something with all the created content 

    b) not download hundreds of Apps!

    We are in the process of curating a Apps list for our BYO. Our goal is 15 Apps, though 5 Apps are 'taken up' by Google (Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides) so may expand this goal slightly! My belief is having a smaller amount of Apps will support teachers (and students) into deeper learning, rather than surface level stuff with subject specific Apps.

    Good luck!

  • Steve Trotter 19 Nov 2014 2:49pm () in Implementing GAFE using iPads.

    Hey Sheryl,

    We have a mixture of school owned Chromebooks, old Windows Desktops and iPad Minis. In 2015 our Year 5/6 students have the option of bringing an iPad or Chromebook.

    iPads do work in the GAFE environment. My recommendations are;

    - Have the Google Drive App installed. Use this App wherever possible to save work e.g. take photos straight from this App, so they sync straight to your Google Drive account.

    - I would also install Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Chrome Apps!

    At times, using the Chrome browser to access of Docs/Slides works better than the actual Apps.

    One of the biggest inconveniences with our school owned iPads is students not logging out of their Google Accounts, then other students accidently using their Drive! This will not be an issue with BYO :)

    Hope this helps :)





  • Steve Trotter 15 Oct 2014 11:48am () in Using Google Apps with Younger Students

    We have one Year 2 classes that use their Google accounts alot, and other Junior classrooms mainly use a generic class account. Our Year 3/4 composites are all proficient using their Google accounts.

    We also have individual logins for all Windows PC's at school, once they log in to this account they can sign into their Chrome account and not sign out. We have found this system advantageous as the account credientials to sign into a PC are easier (especially as they dont need to type @)!

    One of the conundrums is how difficult you make passwords. As Google passwords have to be at least 8 characters, this can become the biggest hurdle for younger students. If the account is just been used for Google Drive and Chrome (i.e. not gmail) is there any harm in making generic easy to remember passwords? Or is this teaching bad habits? 


  • Steve Trotter 15 Aug 2014 3:48pm () in Help to get started on writing using chrome books.

    Hi Heather,

    Try using the Add-on for Google Docs "Texthelp Highlighting Tools"

    Is basically different coloured highlighters to use in a google doc, so you can do something like 'Gold for Glory' and 'Pink to think'.

    Then (and this is the bit that completly extends this process from a phyiscal book) you can collect highlights which automatically creates a new doc with all the highlighted text. It goes even further in then been able to sort the highlights into colours...The possibilities are endless, but in short you can create a document with all the writers gems, and another document with all the writers 'things to work on'. With this tool, I would recommend just having 1 'writing' doc (like you would just have 1 writing book).


    We use the free version to do all of the above- the premium version has all sorts of other features, may of which would be ideal for junior writers.

    Good luck :)

  • Steve Trotter 27 Jun 2014 12:09pm () in Getting creative with Chromebooks

    Hi Emma,

    What sort of creative apps do you use with you iPad? 

    I would suggest having a play in the Chrome Store to see what Apps and extensions you can find that would suit your learners - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/ - Remember, you do not need to have a Chromebook to use these, just Chrome as your Browser! 

    Many 'creative' webtools that we used back in the day before tablets and Chromebooks also hold their own today - I (and kids) still love using Wordle! This site has a great selection of web tools https://sites.google.com/site/webtoolsbox/home, most of which can be embedded into blogs.

  • Steve Trotter 26 Jun 2014 10:57am () in share cross classrooms or not?


    Chromebooks are very easy to share between multiple users, especially if they know their Google credentials.

    Each chromebook can hold about 15 users, who need to click on their image and type their passwords to login. Alternatively, a 'new user' button requires users to type their username and password. With both login options, students profiles are loaded in seconds. 

    We currently have a 'set' of Chromebooks that are distributed between a syndicate (3 in each class). The teachers often 'pool' the chromebooks from other classrooms to get a decent amount of devices.

     Good luck!