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  • Steve Trotter 16 Sep 2016 8:30pm () in ios10

    Hi Sasha, 


    Thanks for posting this article, is definitly an important factor for long term planning! 

    Hope the above comment does not stop you using the VLN, I personally valued what you had to say :) Have a great weekend.










  • Steve Trotter 23 Jun 2016 11:35pm () in TV's vs. Data Projectors in Classrooms

    I favour TVs for the simple fact projectors are usually huge and 'usually 'front and centre' of a class which promotes a 'front and centre' approach to teaching i.e. whole class learning. Even if a teacher tried to use it with a smaller group, other learners in the room will have complete visibility of a projector (See distraction..)

    I see the advantage of a TV is that it is smaller, and on the right bracket can be adjusted on an angle so a teacher/student can use it with smaller groups, which is where the majority of our teaching lies.

  • Steve Trotter 18 Sep 2015 10:50am () in "Deprecation of web hosting in Drive"

    Thanks Allanah,

    We have "public on the web" drive folders embeded on our school website (made with Google Sites).

    Maybe this is what they are talking about? I hope not as we store all of our notices though this method!



  • Steve Trotter 18 Sep 2015 10:31am () in "Deprecation of web hosting in Drive"


    I have received notification from Google that we have 'hosted webpages in Drive' and that this service will be removed next year.

    IMPORTANT: Deprecation of web hosting in Drive

    Hello Administrators,

    We recently announced that beginning Aug 31, 2015, we are deprecating web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers. Our records show that users in your organization have hosted webpages with Drive. You can continue to use this feature for a year, but on Aug 31, 2016, we will discontinue serving content via googledrive.com/host/doc id.

    This is Google's post about it;


    I am at a loss as to what they are talking about! Can anyone lay it out in teacher speak for me?

    Thanks in advance




  • Steve Trotter 18 Sep 2015 9:36am () in Explain Everything for Chrome


    One of our teachers used EE on Chromebooks this week and commented that creating new 'boxes' was very gimmicky - had to move the tracking pad in direction you wanted it to create in?

    So yes Shane, may not be an ideal tool for non-touch Chromes.

    In saying that, it has only just been released so I would not be surprised if this is fixed soon!


  • Steve Trotter 15 Sep 2015 9:19pm () in Chromebook management question.

    Hey Craig,

    Someone is pulling your leg charging $90 for the console! I recently received quotes from 5 different suppliers for Chromebooks and all quoted $40 - 45 for the console.

    From my experience, most of the features in the 'Management console' guide that Allanah has posted are available without the paid Management console by using the User settings within the (free) Admin Console. I know that when I change default wallpaper and push out Apps and extensions changes are instant for our student owned Chromebooks (not on Management console) and school-owned Chromebooks (on management console).

    However...one 'insurance' feature that I believe makes the console worth the $40 is the tracking. All serial numbers are recorded and notes can be entered against devices - such as teacher name. If a Chromebook is ever stolen, you can remotely lock it down, so that no one can log into it, and create a message that gets displayed when it is turned on - please return this Chromebook, children use it for their learning!

    Hope this helps!





  • Steve Trotter 31 Aug 2015 8:29pm () in Chromebox

    Hi Lynne,

    I have never used a Chromebox in a school, but wish we had have gone down this route a couple of years back....

    We had 50 odd Windows XP machines that did not have enough RAM to run Windows 7 or higher.  We considered connecting a Chromebox to these machines - would have been $10 000. This was deemed too pricey so decided to set up a Terminal Server and run the computers as Thin Clients. Cost for this was minimal, only a few hundred for licences, but the technician costs to roll this out ended up being huge - and even when it was implemented we have had continual issues that led to us getting rid of most of the machines all together! 

    Hindsight is a great thing, I am sure if we had have purchased Chromeboxes instead they would still be in use!

  • Steve Trotter 27 Aug 2015 9:56pm () in Teacher Microphone Headset

    I have read up and talked to a few people and am now thinking Bluetooth is not an option. Have found some sets on Amazon, but no reputable companies make Bluetooth mics, which is probably saying a lot....

    Will post if I make any progress with this journey!

  • Steve Trotter 27 Aug 2015 4:08pm () in Teacher Microphone Headset

    Found a link on Sitech system you mentioned Rob - https://www.sitech.co.nz/product_details/c/150/p/1349

    I was right to be scared of companies that do not advertise prices!

    The hunt continues....


  • Steve Trotter 22 Aug 2015 9:18pm () in Teacher Microphone Headset

    Cheers Rob,

    I am always scared of pricing when you have to 'request a quote'!

    Will be another option to chuck in the mix.