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  • Brendon Stone 13 Nov 2014 1:14pm () in Napier - Hastings Schools using GAFE?

    We have a few classes at Onekawa School using Hapara.

    Brendon Stone

  • Brendon Stone 13 Apr 2014 12:28pm () in writing

    Having an authentic audience is an often overlooked fundamental for developing any writer.  I feel this is where 'e-tools' such as blogs, wiki's etc have the potencial to motivate and encourage kids to 'want' to write.  In my experience, the more  opportunities kids get to share their writing, the more motivated they become to 'write'.

    Of course, one doesn't even need a 'e-tool' to do this, visiting the teacher next door with their writing book can be a great motivator, but publishing work online opens a writer up to feedback on a global scale.  At times when the kids in my class have been struggling for motivation, I've put out an invitation on my social networks for people all over the world to go onto my class blog and comment on writing.  The kids love it when they see comments from, Alice Springs, New York, London etc and it really gives them a boost.

    Giving your kids a 'purpose' for writing might be  another angle to try along with all the great advice given previously.


  • Brendon Stone 01 Apr 2014 8:25pm () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    Hi Greig,

    We went with GAFE because many of the schools around us were using the platform and we could call on their knowledge when rolling it out.  It wasn't a matter of just 'following the crowd', but the reality was, at the time, 365 didn't have the profile that GAFE had.  To me 365 is sill a bit 'clunky' and is trying to 'catchup' to google. But, ultimately it comes down to what works for learners.  I agree with Megan that Microsoft  will come along with something a little more 'hip' eventually but for us, GAFE also ticked our boxes and suited our outcomes for kids.


  • Brendon Stone 01 Apr 2014 8:13pm () in How are teachers using their interactive whiteboards in class?

    We use the IWB as a collective writing diary to keep track of what we've been doing ( like a modelling book on steroids) eg writing models, organisational charts, starters, links to motivators.  I can also easily save the contents of the  flipcharts as pdf's or jpegs and put them on the class blog. It's also a great additional evidence tool. We also take pictures of kid's writing and put it on the IWB to share it.  Most kids love seeing their work on the 'big screen' and it's a real motivator for them.  We can then look over the writing as a class and talk more about what they see and what could be worked on.