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  • Rachel Read 03 Apr 2014 2:33pm () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    Hi Kelly - don't think I can answer all your questions, but here goes.

    did you not already have shared resources via your school network?

    Yes, we used to use Ultranet but the school decided it was expensive and not fulfilling all of our needs

    and why was apps put out to pasture altogether, since it seems your school is not fully embracing 365 as some teachers are using other options? 

    Admin realises that no one platform works for everyone, and in particular the 365 Sites app isn't designed for schools so flexibility is being shown

    most importantly, can you mark student work online? and if so, with the same ability you had in docs?

    Yes, and can provide feedback to students in a multitude of ways with OneNote and OneDrive

    or are you just bypassing student printing and staff print themselves?

    No, definitely not printing student work.

    can they research scholarly articles from directly in the document? is creative commons searchavailable from within the document?

    Not sure about this - need to check out the possibilities

    how are your students finding collaboration within a doc? can they collaborate with more than one person editing? if so, up to how many? is editing history colour-coded, or the same as tracking changes in Word?

    Yes, collaboration is possible for a whole class at any one time, and yes the editing is tracked with date, time and initials of each student recorded. Don't know if there is a limit.

    while the kids can download full office, isn't that included in what your school is paying MS? it's my undestanding that it's very expensive.

    The school hasn't paid MS anything - all free 

    Cheers, Rachel

  • Rachel Read 03 Apr 2014 11:43am () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    This topic is one that crops up regularly at our school, as we opted for Office 365 and are in our 2nd year of it. We're finding it's working well with our laptop classes, with OneNote a fantastic way for students to file and share their work with us. OneDrive is also good for sharing resources and collaborating on, and all of our students are able to download 5 free copies of the full Office 2013 package onto their devices at home too, which is a major bonus. We have some staff who lament the loss of Google, but those voices are few and far between and staff build up their familiarity with 365. The sites section of 365 is not great though, and some teachers have opted for Schoology or Edmodo to set assignments etc for their students.