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  • Rebecca 05 Mar 2015 7:06pm () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    Does anyone know if you can get the Interact part of Hapara without the dashboard?  We use google classroom for workflow and seems to work well and is without cost so don't know if we'd use the dashboard. 

  • Rebecca 05 Mar 2015 6:55pm () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    I think the dashboard sounds like a good idea. As you said Sarah the idea is not to sit and monitor all my students, I don't even have a desk in my classroom and my computers always hooked up to the projector and being used for modelling etc so wouldn't be able to!! But I think it would be an incentive for those who do need some help with managing themselves and I would hope it would only be needed for a short time. 

  • Rebecca 05 Mar 2015 10:58am () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    I do see your point Ian and I would like to think that my classroom is an environment where children can express themselves, be creative and learn new things.  I do give the kids choices, I have a choices board on which different apps and programmes are displayed and from which the children can choose from if we are working independently.  We use story jumper and story bird for creating stories, have puppet pals, comic strip and lots of other really cool apps that they can choose from but there are still a select few students who don't choose to do these things.  During core learning time it isn't a problem, I use google classroom and the kids love going on there to do their follow ups and love writing in the blog etc but it's when I do give them choices that it crops up.  It is early days and I'm imagining it will all iron itself out, I think there will always be some students who I will need to be a bit more directive with and perhaps come up with ways to be more directive with them while still giving them some choices. 

  • Rebecca 05 Mar 2015 7:09am () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    Similarly we have had students and parents sign an agreement prior to using their devices and had a lot of discussions around use. We also have a procedure around misuse which sounds similar but it doesn't seem to be deterring a small group of boys.

  • Rebecca 04 Mar 2015 8:59pm () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom


    I have a year 4/5 class where the children all have a device - some are using their own, some are using the schools chromebooks.  For the most part this is working really well and the children are really engaged but we are having some problems with monitoring the use of the devices particularly when I am working with a group or conferencing with individual children.  I am finding that during these times some of the children are using their devices inappropriately - playing games, sending each other lot's of emails or taking silly photos.  

    So my question is does anyone have any ideas on how to manage 28 children's devices to ensure they are on task?  I've seen a few different software packages that allow you to see thumbnails of each child's device but they all seem very expensive. 

    Any ideas??

  • Rebecca 12 Feb 2015 7:07pm () in New Year e-Learning Challenge

    "This year I plan to use Google Classroom, Blogger and Google drive to get to know my learners and their whānau more by..."    

    creating an e-blended classroom environment where children are encouraged to try new things, use different types of technologies and collaborate with each other.  I intend to encourage home school partnerships through the sharing of learning at home via Google classroom, google drive, blogger and other sites like Storybird.  We have already started down this road and the whole class is engaged and excited already.  I'm excited to see what the future holds and what things this year is going to bring!

  • Rebecca 08 Feb 2015 2:53pm () in Class Blog

    Hi Kate,

    Did you manage to start up a blog?  Last year my class used kidblog (year 3) and they loved it.  It was a very good introduction to blogging, very easy to set up and easy for kids and parents to use.  Everything is secure as well so there's no worry about kids posting things that the general public can see. 

    This year we are using blogger as we are a goggle school, bit more of a process to set up and manage I find.  I'd say try out kidblog and go from there. 


  • Rebecca 08 Sep 2014 2:01pm () in NZ e-Learning pedagogy: What does a New Zealand teacher in 2014 and beyond look like?

    Gosh, this is a hard one.  Sometimes it feels like we need to be superwoman or superman! 

    I think what makes a successful teacher hasn't change fundametally.  We still need to be passionate about what we do, be caring, nurturing and reflective but the skills that we need now have changed.  A teacher definitely needs to be digitally literate and has to keep up with whats happening out there.  There's so many new programmes popping up all the time and things move quickly so you need to keep in touch and keep up with the kids themselves.   

    I like to try new things in my classroom and am constantly trying new ways of keeping my students engaged and motivated.  They love anything digital but I think you need to have a balance.  There was an interesting article in Saturdays paper about oral language skills and how children are coming to school lacking due to over use of ipads, i phones etc so there definitely needs to be balance so children don't miss out on these vital skills.

    If we are passionate about how the world is moving then I think it's easy to pass this on to students.  Leading the way and giving them the skills they need to achieve is what I really want to be able to do so in order to do this I know that I need to be one step ahead! 

  • Rebecca 08 Sep 2014 12:32pm () in NZ e-Learning pedagogy: What does a New Zealand student in 2014 look like?


    This is a really interesting and thought provoking discussion.  

    I think the demands on children are so much greater now than when we were at school.  They need to be so much more savvy and aware of what's happening around them.  I'm not saying that we weren't when we were young but they have so much more access to information which is fantastic but also a bit scary.  I'm finding that children in general are much more grown up and aware of themselves and what they need to achieve to get where they want to be.  So many children are coming to school digitally aware and much more tech literate that the teacher.  I'm passionate about digital learning and have always been interested in keeping up with things but I can see how it would be easy to be overtaken by students. 

    I don't think that what children want from school has fundametally changed.  I think they want to be inspired, engaged and motivated.  They want to learn new things, to be challenged and to do things differently.  Where as we were happy to sit at school and have information given to us and copy that down, learn by rote, children now don't want this and won't accept this at school.  They like working with each other and finding things out for themselves.   I think this is also what we need to be doing as responsive teachers.  We need to be giving children the skills to think for themselves and be active learners who take responsibility for their own learning.  

    It's a lot for us to get our heads around as teachers and I think very exciting.

  • Rebecca 28 Jun 2014 4:18pm () in App Sharing

    Oh cool that's awesome, the prompts are great but some of them are quite American!