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  • Pata 20 Apr 2014 11:20am () in Using IWB in a junior room.

    There a youtube clips that you can check out to teach specific learning outcomes for children. We use Jolly phonics where children learn letter sounds. Youtube has all their songs that the children sing daily...also has letter sound youtube clips by the user 'Have fun teaching' that we learn high frequency words and nursery rhymes and energisers to get the children to move around with like Tooty Tata...

    I am looking forward to reading many more ideas to use my IWB.


  • Pata 09 Apr 2014 4:45pm () in What is the best "communication tool" to engage with Pasifika parents?

    Talofa Lava to you all.

    I am a teacher in South Auckland and currently at our school we are piloting an initiative where we have employed a teacher part time to visit the homes of our students. Our school is predominantly Pacifica and the teacher we have employed is well known in our community and is able to converse in Samoan. In collaboration with the teachers she discusses our assessments and goals for our children. Approaches at home are suggested and she meets with the parents and families at their homes or where ever they are comfortable meeting. In the mean time with this approach, Parents are appreciative of the time taken to meet with them and are able to support their childs learning further at home. Our school has put forward meetings for the different ethnic groups that hasnt brought many parents or families in. Meeting them where our Pacifika families are puts them at ease. This is an approach that we are trialling and as the year progresses I can tell you the impact it has had on my children's learning and parent involvement.

    Thank you for your time....