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  • Naomi Laycock 05 May 2015 12:08pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    I used google docs with hyper links last year but was frustrated that this was just a digital version of the old paper ones. I also printed them out each week which seemed to defeat the purpose of being digital. This year i am trialing using google calendar. I can use the repeat function to copy sessions, and modify only one session when needed. I put the group i am working with and change the colour of the event so it is easy to see who i am working with. I use the description part to add in the detail such as learning intentions etc and i can add an attachment or hyper link where needed. I can go back in and make notes on specific children and where they are up to with their learning so i am not losing bits of paper. i am loving the fact it flicks up when it is time to do the next thing as a reminder. I have shared my calendar with my team leader so she can look at it whenever she wants. Seems to be working well for me at the moment but am keen to see what others are using.