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  • Jenny Gosney 05 Aug 2014 1:41pm () in Downloading videos from Youtube on ipads

    Hi Everyone,

    We use vdownloader+ for our youtube clips. This also has a great option of putting the clips into your camera roll. This then enables you manipulate the clip put into imovie etc. This is especially helpful when working in spec ed as it helps to cut to portions of videos for video modelling etc.

  • Jenny Gosney 04 Aug 2014 10:11am () in Digital Citizenship for our students with special needs... what does this look like?

    Depending on the capability of our students do we take on some form of digital guardianship of our students digital footprint?

    We are trying to unpack this now at school (Special Educ School) and I will be opening up to staff tomorrow but was keen on you all thoughts.

  • Jenny Gosney 31 Jul 2014 11:04am () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    HI Everyone I agree with Roxy:

    From what I can see is there are two important factors: 

    1. Taking care when using your iPad (like in the poster that Vanessa shared) and
    2. Being safe when in an online environment (as Tara has shared)

    I have just spent some time with one of our SLTs Kay Solomon focusing on point one to start with (taking care of your iPad). Obviously all our children with specal needs have a huge range of abilities so compiling one poster (?) is never going to fit everyones requirements.

    We looked at a couple of questions:

    1. What images do we use?

    Initially we looked at the information that Vanessa posted from Heidi Songs. This gave good simple visual representaiton of the 'rules' for iPad use. Could this be as clearly represented usig Boardmaker or Proloquo2go symbols? After trialling a couple of the rules we decided that having purpose drawn images would really be ideal. Using symbols became too complicated to get some of the information in the rules across.

    Are we able to access an artist/graphic designer to create some images?


    2. Can we create a generic set of rules?

    When Kay and I looked at creating a generic set of rules it quickly became obvious that even in our setting and the differing levels of pupils meant that different rules would be required for each class. So maybe we can't create a generic poster but can we create a generic set of rules that teachers can cut and paste according to their class/pupil needs?

    So.... we began to write some rules to see if we could come up with a concise list of different rules options.

    1. Carry the iPad with 2 hands.

    2. Hold the iPad by the Base not the cover.

    3. Keep iPad away from water.

    4. Always sit down while using the iPad (can have two images one sitting on a chair and one on the floor)

    5. Put iPad carefully on the  table.

    6. Share nicely and stop when your turn is over.

    7. Put away safely. (Options: Put in bag. Zip up bag. Put in case. )

    8. Keep your screen clean. Ask Teacher.

    9. Have clean hands.

    10. Keep iPad charged. (plug it in).

    So this is a start would love feedback. I think the idea would be to have a set of rules that teachers can cut and paste the appropriate ones for their class/ student. I also agree with Roxy that an original kid friendly name for the 'rules' would be great.

    Next step is to start looking at digital citizenship and what that means for our guys.



  • Jenny Gosney 30 Jul 2014 10:21am () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    Awesome I am loving the feedback. I have printed out the safebook image and the poster from the Heidisongs webpage Vanessa put up. I like the idea of using the boardmaker images, keeping it simple so important but needs to look great..... I am going to take this information to my SLTs here at school and have a chat with them and try and draft something up... anyone got a friend who is a graphic designer??

    Also keen to explore digital citizenship and what that looks like for our students.

    Keep the chat going! getting heaps of good ideas from you all.


  • Jenny Gosney 22 Jul 2014 1:51pm () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    Great Tara, haven't moved much further forward with this yet.... this terms job. I will let you know when I have something started and then maybe we could collaborate from a starting point?


  • Jenny Gosney 04 Apr 2014 10:31am () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    Hi Everyone!

    We are currently developing a visual code of conduct for our students who have a range of disabilities (mainly autistic). More and more of our students are BYOD to school mainly for communication but of course they play on these devices too including some imaginative photography! Has anyone seen or know of any developed info regarding this. I will post what we finally develop for everyone to access when we finally reach that point!


  • Jenny Gosney 04 Apr 2014 10:24am () in iPad basic skill apps

    Hi Everyone, I teach in a Special Ed School and we are keen on apps that teach basic touch and swipe skills. We have many basic cause and effect apps but we are wondering if anyone knows any specific basic skills apps? Any ideas would be most welcome! Thanks for your help in advance!!