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Rakesh Govind's discussion posts

  • Rakesh Govind 06 Dec 2014 3:07pm () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    I have found leading elements of e-learning in my school challenging. I have a good idea based on some of the readings and discussions I have had that it is important to have a plan and to exercise that plan carefully. One of the important things for me is that you try and make sure that the pedagogy in the classroom drives the technology use in a classroom. However, I have some in my school who have tried to do things the other way around. They have introduced new technology, wifi, wireless etc and with very little thought to the pedagogy in the classroom. The result I have seen is that teachers try things out and the moment there is a block (wireless goes down, cant access the internet, weren't able to book the computer lab etc) then they revert back to traditional pedagogies.

    Staff PLD and a big shift in thinking so that pedagogy drives ICT use and not the ICT itself is vital for success.