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Gavin Burn's discussion posts

  • Gavin Burn 07 Oct 2014 9:53am () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Hi Aleisha

    After recently discovering the eLPF I am asking myself , as a school leader why have I not seen this before now ? Has our schools lead ICT teacher even seen this ?

    I [like you] also think that a next step for myself and our school  is to " identify where we are at in relation to the eLPF not where we think we are at" .

    One possible activity [ to encourage buy in and empower all staff] would be to ask each learning team to identify/discuss and highlight where they are at  [with reference to the indicators pon p4-24].

    This therefore would identify next steps which will/could lead to identifying possible actions, identifying PD needs etc.

    This may also highlight that some teachers in some learning teams may be able to provide guidance and support to others in the school , sharing their practice/learning etc.


  • Gavin Burn 30 Apr 2014 4:32pm () in MLEs: Learning spaces and resourcing | NAPP Kōrero 6
    • As leaders, what preparations do we need to undertake - to ensure strategic decision-making and leadership enhance MLEs

    My concern is that we are forgetting what we know about quality teaching and learning and what works. The furniture, the open spaces and the whole 'MLE ' thing support what we do, it does not drive what we do.

    I like to refer to Julia Atkins model (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_-bp-euoU_CQ/S_JN-i2nbWI/AAAAAAAAAHA/alHltjCOBVc/s1600/Screen+shot+2010-05-18+at+7.50.54+PM.png) as a guide to refining our current practice, making decisions and as a reference point for all we do.

    At the centre is the WHY , this is our schools vision and what we believe. This vision must be shared by ALL stakeholders- students, teachers, parents, wider community and BOT.

    The next circle is the HOW, these are our guiding principles . E.g.

    Personalised learning
    Increased student ownership
    Inclusive curriculum etc

    The outer circle is the WHAT, these are our day to day practices that support and ensure our vision is lived and expressed through everything we do. This is what our vision ' looks like' in practice. This is the important part that everyone must be onboard with.

    Only after all of this can we then think about the environment and the 'hard systems' that will support our vision, principles and practices.

    If schools are cutting out walls, purchasing furniture and creating caves with beanbags are they getting the support, the professional development and guidance to go alongside this ?

    As future focused leaders we have to focus on the pedagogy, the teaching and learning and the IMPACT on student achievement. Our decisions need to be well grounded and supported by a clear vision, positive learning culture and learning environment that meets the needs of our learners...