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  • Alison Taylor 13 Nov 2014 11:17pm () in Is it the technology - or the leadership?

    Hi Heather

    Your post resonates with me in that it encapsulates a real leadership dilemma - the tension between funding, time and growing people capacity.If something is an important priority then the people need to be given the time and supported with the funding to actually grow and develop. Schools are busy places, with lots of competing pressures and priorities.It is about deciding on priorities and creating systems and processes to support people.


    Alison Taylor

  • Alison Taylor 13 Nov 2014 10:14pm () in MLE- Do these actually raise student achievement?

    Hi All

    Reading everyone's contributions has been thought provoking. At the end of 2013 we created a student voice video asking students what their teachers did that helped them with their learning. Student answers ranged from what teachers did to motivate them, help them develop their understanding, make learning fun, make the learning environment safe, the role of peer discussion, students collaborating with a range of peers - sometimes teacher selected, sometimes peer selected, the importance of teachers caring for their students, how important it is for teachers to communicate belief that each student can be successful, how important it is for the teacher to show they like the students and want to be their teacher, the importance of repetition and pedagogical variety, including the use of digital devices for learning. We also asked about the physical environment - students wanted clean, brightly lit classrooms that were well maintained, with student work displayed. 

    For me, all of these things contribute to the creation of a modern learning environment. I think what is at the heart of a modern learning environment are the learning connections that are created within and between the learners and how teachers utilise the learning spaces in which they find themselves to best meet the learning needs of their students.


    Alison Taylor