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  • Jacinta Loto 17 Feb 2014 9:15pm () in How are you going to engage parents of Pasifika learners at your school?

    Hi Manu,

    A belated Happy New Year.

    Your post has got me thinking that yes...absolutely... the demographic of our Pasifika students is changing. In the school community that I work in, we have a sizeable number of students whose parents were born in NZ.  This particular group adds another dimension to the way we as a school connect with the community. We are part of an initiative which begins this year, with a staff member meeting with the parents of all our Year 0-3 students.  The meeting place being at the discretion of the parent. 

    Going to our parents (home visits, sports events), rather than our parents having to come to us (parent interviews, meetings etc) I hope will make a difference this year. For the most part although its said many a time, I really do think the relational aspect is really important.  

    Hopefully others will be able to share.

    All the best in the coming year.