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Tineke Dippenaar's discussion posts

  • Tineke Dippenaar 22 Dec 2014 8:11am () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Tracey,

    We are starting out MLE Build in 2015. I would love a copy of your template.




  • Tineke Dippenaar 10 Sep 2014 7:45pm () in Teacher Dashboard

    Hi Hamish,

    Thank you, I enjoy Google Classroom because I can create my three different classes. Not brillaint features , but really easy to communicate with my students. Within you MLE is all students then grouped into one big classroom using TD ? With TD what can the classroom teacher then manage?


  • Tineke Dippenaar 10 Sep 2014 6:38pm () in Teacher Dashboard


    Just wondering, we currently support a number of devices in our school. Year 5-8 students all have Google accounts. Our students do not stay in the same class for the whole day, but rotate between classes for Literacy, Numeracy and Homeclass. Interested to know if any other schools manage accounts using TD and how this would work with a teacher having 3 different groups of students during the day.We are now using Google Classroom to group our students into their different classes and this really works great. Schools that use TD is the cost just $3 per student( what do you get for this) or is their hidden cost that schools need to be aware of.

    Would appreaciate feedbackLaughing