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  • LEAST 07 Jun 2015 11:13am () in Student Management Systems

    I am also very interested in this topic. I have recently taken an elearning leadership role and the school will be looking at moving away from knowledgenet soon. I have used Musac, edge and KAMAR in previous schools and tend to find them cumbersome for teachers to add to without a lot of training. Currently I utilise google docs for assignment delivery and need to explore data collection in more detail however etap looks promising as well. 

    As for reporting I am enjoying using an unconnected standalone format that we support with individual assessment result reports as attachments.

  • LEAST 17 Sep 2014 8:31am () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    I too believe that handwriting is a skill that should not be lost and tjhat legi ble handwriting is an essential element for lifelong purpse in the future. As a taeacher of year 7 & 8 however i feel that this is a non engaging task and does not become any more than a chore for those who still have difficulty with it at this age. I now make it a negotiated task on task  board where students are able to choose when to practice in the week.

    Unlike keyboarding skills and computer  management in pressure situations such as due dates and online tests or assessments. Typing speed and checking for errors, file save and submitting assignments in the right places, is an essential skill for the future surely.

  • LEAST 17 Sep 2014 8:03am () in Strategic Planning in Health and PE

    Hi Karen, we had about a 33% return despite a parent and wider community meeting and sending the consultation via the community newsletter.

    Questions asked were around how important they saw sport or skill develop ment, EOTC, Camps, Outisde agencies ie. LET, KOS, opportunities to experience technical training from agencies ie. sport waikato. project energize, Sexuality education, Drugs and alcohol education and cybersafety.

    Responses were interesting but i would suggest that you maybe have this consultation separately as we incorporated with 3 others and may have  been over load.

    Thanks Meryl for the guidance and looks like lots to consider.

  • LEAST 14 Sep 2014 1:06pm () in Strategic Planning in Health and PE

    Recently our school sought community consultation on our health and pe programme. I am now looking to plot these results against the required/desired NZC LO's at each curriculume level. I need to awaken staff and the community with the reality that skills and progressive knowledge are as important in this curriculum area as any other.

    Has anyone else had to pull together their curriculum area in this way or have any brilliant formulas to share?

  • LEAST 14 Sep 2014 8:18am () in Traditions, Cross Country

    Yes Meryl,

    I agree that aquatic programmes need to take a wider community focus in educating the parents/whanau. We are a small country school with little more than a paddling pool for the students to get wet in. I was not at the school for the aquatics programme in term 1 but understand that the junior programme is skill based on stroke develoment and that the seniors swam 2 days /week at a nearby pool.

    I am pleased to say that we are attending a beach day with surf lifesaving as a focus. Perhaps this sort of day could replace the traditional swimming sports. Our better swimmers have to opt for a swim club if they want the training to improve, as our facilities just dont cut it.

    The expense of updating, improving or even just upkeep is also becoming prohibitive for all schools to have a pool.

    I congratulate students that have the ability to suceed in any sporting area, but as you say did we facilitate this ability or is it a natural phenomonem? Yes we should provide opportunities for students to experience sucess at all levels but is sport where their interests lie.

    Please note i am referring to sport not physical activity or skill development.

  • LEAST 13 Sep 2014 12:46pm () in Traditions, Cross Country

    Hi all , just joining in here.

    As a lead teacher for Health and Pe in my small but active school i find that we are increasingly tied into traditional events by cluster or regional expectations.

    I am a firm beliver in physical education daily for all however this should be differentiated for the individual just as literacy or mathematics are.

    Skill development is essential but perhaps we have to look at the place for sporting events in ours chool calendars and reinvent some long standing traditions.

  • LEAST 31 Aug 2014 3:53pm () in NZ e-Learning pedagogy: What does a New Zealand student in 2014 look like?

    Megan i am in agreement that the parent, student relationship brings challenges to self monitoring and the ability to collaborate with others in learning tasks. Especially in those tasks which require organistion of resources or planning.

    I am supporting a class of year 6-8 students that I have introduced a self monitored, independantly paced taskboard to. Continued monitoring of task completion is advisable however the ability of students to learn alongside their peers at varied times has encouraged peer collaboration quickly. The students have identified the champions among them and gravitate toward those figures for support when i am conferencing with a group or individual. I have found that like most learning tasks this also requires further differentiation for some to manage effectively.

  • LEAST 31 Jul 2014 8:35am () in They're here! Kid-speaked Literacy Progressions

    Yes Thanks Mary Anne and the other contributors. I am already using these when conferencing writing with my year 6 - 8 class. They are excited to see what they are acopmplishing and where they can make improvements. Awesome.Laughing

  • LEAST 31 Mar 2014 9:52am () in Electronic tools to motivate the reluctant writer

    Thanks Catriona this is truly inspiring for me as a teacher and for the students that i have had as a reliever. Having just been interviewedfor a position at a school where writing is a focus area and one that finally has  reasonable e-learning capability this would be really useful. I am just teaching an ANZAC poetry unit and have found the museum archives and images useful for inspiration, also lots on you tube.