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  • HeatherWilkie 27 Oct 2014 2:59pm () in Is it the technology - or the leadership?

    Sally I was sitting with our other DP and the Principal last week as we start to think about budgets for next year. Whilst our Principal led the drive for changed technology, did his homework, aligned it with the vision, consulted with staff, children and community, he is not part of the team that 'feeds the staff' (PD), he doesn't strategically support his e-Team to grow (PD) and seems to have no funds to grow what we have. It is a real challenge because where does the money come from? Decile 10 has very little fat in the system, there are no trusts supporting e-learning in our area. Where is the line between 'bad leadership' as mentioned in the article and insufficiently funded? 

  • HeatherWilkie 10 Oct 2014 2:34pm () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    We are a school that is four years into the journey of using e-learning tools to enrich and enhance the experience of learning for our students. We  certainly aren't at the transformational stage yet and not even sure I know what that will look like. We did use the eLPF to begin our journey and established an e-vision and action plan but have not really used the framework to assess our progress. From reading it again, especially the additional pages that unpack the meaning more, I believe it is time to take an audit on our progress.

    From listening to the videos, and reading others comments I have reflected on the process we took and what has worked. Below are some thoughts:

    - Our Principal had the vision but made a good job of bringing the staff along from the ride. He wasn't the e-learning expert so had to learn alongside staff.

    - If you wait to you are sure that you have it right (technology, etc) then you won't start. This is a scary business as things keep changing. What you do need to be clear about is what you want the students to be able to do with this technology. How do you envision it extending learning?

    - The use of 'trail blazers' or first adopters to try things out, make the mistakes, overcome them before going school wide was successful. We strategically placed these people in each Syndicate. 

    - As Doig commented to be successful we have had to embed the PD into every practice. After staff learnt how to 'turn the device on', our sessions have been using e-learning tools within and across curriculum areas. The approach of teacher led workshops encouraged teachers to have 'a go' as no-one was expected to be an expert but everyone was expected to try and share their successes. Collaborating with other schools at this time was very beneficial.  Little and often is key.

    - The message has definitely been.... this is the way we are headed... it is not an option but we will support you. As part of our plan, we had decided to have class blogs as a means of sharing class learning with the family. Teachers were given lots of personalised PD, spent a term  playing and learning before the blogs went live. It was successful when teachers paired up of their own accord to support each other. We learnt not to put the expert with the struggler. The gap was too big. The best scenario was the teacher who was just ahead of another teacher. It is key to give lots of 'sandpit' playtime.

    - The use of student voice has been powerful. Regular videoed recorded conversations with groups of children have been used to demonstrate the power of e-tools with staff and our community. Our biggest success in getting the community on board has been the student led expos and parent evenings. Parents and staff book in for taster sessions (i movie, I can animate, Book Creator, Garageband etc) run by students. 

     Yes I think it is time to get out the eLPF again and look school wide at where we are at.