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Karla Hull's discussion posts

  • Karla Hull 17 Oct 2014 10:14pm () in Modern Learning Environment Furniture Tips

    Hi Nix

    Furniture guru - that is one I haven't heard that I've been called before - thanks, Hamish!!  As Hamish has mentioned, I'd be happy to share photos etc at my above email.  But Chris has pretty much summed it up.  Less can be more.  Different heights/levels etc.  We focused on our learning settings/spaces - type of learning - type of furniture.

  • Karla Hull 01 Sep 2014 7:27pm () in #ptchatnz NZ Parent/Teacher chat forum

    Our next parent/educator twitter chat is this Tuesday 2nd September, 8.30-9.30pm.  Topic:  Homework.  Our last chat was fantastic.  We are hoping to have even more parents join us this week.  So, if you know of any parents who would be interested in joining us, please share!

  • Karla Hull 11 Aug 2014 10:03pm () in Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs

    Have you tried Google Read and Write.  Another Chrome Store extension.

  • Karla Hull 07 Aug 2014 2:55pm () in #ptchatnz NZ Parent/Teacher chat forum

    Thanks, Tessa.  We had a successful #ptchatnz this week, with a lot of new interest.  Thanks for the retweet.  I will keep promoting on twitter through @hull_karla.  I have created a form for parents/educators that are interested, so that I can gather email addresses to also keep everyone informed via email.  I have also created a google+ community called - ptchatnz.  So the next #ptchatnz twitter chat is Aug 19th.  Thanks for your interest :) 

  • Karla Hull 01 Aug 2014 3:35pm () in #ptchatnz NZ Parent/Teacher chat forum

    #ptchatnz is a chat forum on twitter set up for the purpose of engaging parents in discussion with teachers/educators on topics of interest, using social media.  (Twitter)   Not only to make connections with our own school parents, but to also encourage connections with parents, nationwide.  

    To particpate, follow @hull_karla & @imagineNPS for regular updates.  Here is a link to a guide for parents on how to join in or for educators that are new to twitter.  #ptchatnz guide   We hope to have robust, interactive discussions on a variety of topics,  once a fortnight. If you know of any parents on twitter, please share. 

  • Karla Hull 07 May 2014 6:17pm () in Goolge Drive - Moving Shared Folders - How do we stop this?

    Hi Piki

    When we first started using google drive we had this happen a lot.  You might already know this already but if not, it may be useful:
    You are able to add a folder/fileto your drive without it moving permanently from someone else.  Under shared with me if you click the folder/file, then you can click 'add to my drive' and it will remain in both.  
    The other option is to hold command key (mac) or control key, then you are able to share folders/docs in as many places as you want without it moving from the original place.  We encourage all our students not to drag folders and if they need to add a folder to their drive, so that they can add docs to it, then they do it the way I have explained above.
  • Karla Hull 27 Feb 2014 1:26pm () in Self directed learning in a MLE

    Hi Kyra
    Happy for you to come and visit.
    My email:  karla.hull@ngatea.school.nz

  • Karla Hull 24 Feb 2014 8:05pm () in Self directed learning in a MLE

    Hi.  We are in our second year of teaching in a collaborative, flexible learning environment.  (Ngatea Primary School).  Neil, our prinicipal has also replied to this post.  I teach collaborative with 2 other teachers and learning support staff.  Last year we had 93 years 7 & 8's, this year we have 84.  I love it and wouldn't want to go back to a single cell class!  We have 1-1 computing using google apps.  Each teacher focuses on particular curriculum areas that they have a real interest in.  As Neil has said, we are happy to share and welcome visitors :)  karla.hull@ngatea.school.nz