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  • Shanna 11 Feb 2015 8:33am () in Multi room MLE - the possibilities?

    Hi Jacinda


    I work at Ngatea Primary School, all the way in the Waikato...far from you :) Email questions are more than welcome....so is a visit...or even a skype with my other two buddies in our teaching team.

  • Shanna 11 Feb 2015 7:02am () in Multi room MLE - the possibilities?


    I work in a NE/Y1/Y2 syndicate that has embraced collaborative learning spaces while only have two adjoined rooms and one separate room. We have worked in this team situation since February 2014 and I am loving it!

    Although the separate room poses many problems and we could harp on about the negatives, we tried to embrace the positives. We use this room as a break out space, a noisy NE reading taskboard room, a quieter maths Year 2 room etc. We use this space flexibly.

    Our 2 spaces are separated by a deck but the walk is covered (a blessing in rainy weather). When we first started working collaboratively we were concerned that learners would find the 'cross space move' challenging, however I now think it provides them with a minute down time....a change in space... and us as teachers seem to have managed this move well.

    The BIG negative for us is a lack of a line of sight between teachers. This has resulted in us needing to follow a planner to the minute! Not ideal when you are having that magic teaching moment with a group.....and a "please give me 2 minute" signal will bounce back of the classroom dividing walls!!!!

    We created two separate learning spaces so that we could use both these spaces flexibly. This meant sharing our furniture budget well, however room size, one large space (2 classrooms) and one small space (1 classroom) dictated furniture choices too.


  • Shanna 29 Sep 2014 1:16pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    Hmm...I have to admit handwrting is my nemesis! 

    I teach Littles...Year 1-2 and everyday we have a 15 minute phonics session where I focus deeply on printing letters and numbers correctly.....but on a whiteboard. I feel this session adequately provides for printing and supports the core reasons I believe printing should be taught.

    So no...I have no evidence of this session other than my planning (and my learners writing abilities)...but should I teach and practice printing to provide evidence? My inner passionate teacher says no....

    I struggle to find time in a super busy day already, where we are trying to focus on developing independent learning skills and management, to squeeze in that 10 minutes to provide some printing on paper evidence.

    Shanna (frustrated printer Smile)

  • Shanna 22 May 2014 6:48pm () in Airserver


    We use Airserver. I find it can be quite tempremental if you do not ensure you are up to date on the software updates :) 

    We are also able to run wifi and airserver together.

  • Shanna 08 May 2014 8:57pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    Yes, I use the paid version. I think the two most important differences between the two, paid and unpaid, is that the paid version allows learners to 'lock' their Popplet and return to the work to continue working on their ideas and the paid version allows for more options to share their Popplet.

  • Shanna 08 May 2014 1:53pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    Book Creator and Popplet have been my all time favourite APPS to use in literacy predominantly, but we have also made some use in maths. Tons of fun! Plus......started seeing some cross APP application....kids using a Popplet they have created in their Book Creator book! So awesome, as the kids tried that out without any ideas coming from me.