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  • Fiona Maw 08 Nov 2014 4:03pm () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Isn't that the constant communication juggle of a big staff!!!

    I have since found out that in fact... our 3 Year e-Learning Strategic Plan is in fact based on an earlier version of the e-Learning Planning Framework, which the staff undertook the year before I arrived! This was of course heartening news.

    So often I have noticed that some information is shared between the managment team as well as the Leadership team (which are all subject/ project leaders) but may not be shared more fully back to everyone... as we too often depend on the Syndicate Leaders to be the "vehicle of all news", which is an unfair task unless they are privy to all the information.

    An area for future improvement in our  school's Leadership Team is to better share the big picture things with everyone, rather than dumbing it down to this year's specifics only - as the more information all staff have about the "why" behind the decisions, the more likely they will be stakeholders and fully engage in the actions different leaders propose.

  • Fiona Maw 24 Sep 2014 2:30pm () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Having just read through the pdf version of the e-Learning Planning Framework, I am very impressed with the levels of thought we would need to use when doing an audit of where we are, and then begin the process for identifying our next steps. I like the idea of using the online version for "capturing" people when they have time to do some critical reflection in this area. 

    We currently have two of our ICT/e-Learning Team doing an e-Learning paper and I am wondering why we as the Managment / Leadership team have not had this tool fedback to us - as it would appear to be a very obvious first step to capturing whole staff views and beginning some shared dialogue about where we need to go. As the Head of ICT/ e-Learning is in the classroom beside me... I intend to catch her in the morning to chat this through. 

    Each member of the Leadership team currently does a 3 year plan looking at what we are changing at systems/teaching/pupil level and I will be reading through our e-Learning plan to see what is currently there (and who exactly was involved in the consultation process). Our school has had a previous history of being "top down" in every curriculum area, and unless you are in a committee, you may not know what that team is planning. This is an area we try to address with Leadership meetings every term, and the expectation that plans are shared and discussed...but old habits are, as we know, hard to break!

  • Fiona Maw 08 Jun 2014 10:45am () in MLEs: Learning spaces and resourcing | NAPP Kōrero 6

    MLE MLE MLE...Our school is only at the beginning stages and so I have read all of these converations with much interest. We are in Ashburton, we didn't fall down in the earthquake, or need to be merged with other schools, our numbers haven't risen so much we need to build a new classroom/s and so nothing is forcing our hand- and yet... embracing the pedagogy behind modern learning practises is something high on our priority list .

    We have been using ultra fast fibre for years now and have had the benefits of a fantastic professional learning from a side variety of e-learning experts through the co-ordination of the MCFCS group. There are many people doing many fantastic things - in traditional spaces but with cutting edge thinking ( my friend Jan Anderson is foremost to mind).

    My challenge as a leader is to channel this, start with the WHY, as so many people have pointed out.  We need to begin with our beliefs about learning... begin many many dialogues about what child centred learning really means.  We have some very enthusiastic leaders who along with the managment team will drive this.
    We also have a small number of teachers who this will be too much for- but this, as we all know, is a normal part of leadership. If we lead with moral purpose, go slowly but surely and do everything in our power to "be about and for the children" as our charter states - we will go well.

    What we won't do is rush in spending money  to "look" like we have a modern learning environment, before the thinking is there.

    We will have interested teachers trialling it - already some have done lots of thinking and visiting as part of their own self directed professional development. Once our first trial began, those teachers  would then feedback to our staff, both the challenges and highlights they are experiencing.

    Like Sue, I taught in an open plan in the 80's and found out very quickly that it is the people you are working with that can make or break it. So very careful selection of our first trial classes would be  a key.

    Thanks to all the people ahead of us on this journey there are many online avenues to glean information from, and this VLN has been a fantastic example!