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  • Jared Stein 03 Oct 2014 12:30pm () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    As a school leader I am far from being anti ICT, as pleasant fate would have it I’m leading our schools journey into the world of digital technologies and finding our place within it. What I mean to convey is that through research I’m finding two patterns emerging (and ones I wish to avoid) and these answer in part “What is necessary for the successful application and dissemination of the eLPF?

    • Firstly we cannot enter this process with preconceived ideas. If a desire for a particular device is the start point for buying decisions, then it is all too easy to lose sight of those who matter most – the end users. In schools, that means students and staff, and their school experience is centred on learning.  As we move to a greater proliferation of devices, combined with the fact that we will be accessing more content from multiple places, a greater value will be placed on the content, and how that content is used, rather than on any one particular device.


    • And secondly the school community has to understand what it is exactly that you’re trying to achieve and the process that you’re taking. There exists among some in most communities a well-intended but perhaps blurred vision of what new and cutting edge technologies in schools actually achieves. Many see the purchasing of hardware as the single step answer to greater achievement for their children and they need to be re-educated about this misperception. They need to understand that “Technology should never be thrown at organisations as a “quick fix” or a one-size-fits-all solution, least of all in schools.” This aspect is about communication and building good relationships with parents and caregivers who have the unique knowledge of their children and countless opportunities to advance their children’s learning.
  • Jared Stein 03 Oct 2014 9:42am () in 2014: Principals’ Leadership applied to strategic planning for the integration of technologies across the school community | NAPP Kōrero 14

    As more schools are starting to dip their toes into the vast ocean that is ´ICT’ more and more leaders I believe are becoming like the proverbial sardine…always wanting to be part of the pack, knowing that their survival depends on them “keeping up” and to keep up they need to be one to one digital schools or the like. However while one-to-one computing might work as a marketing ploy designed to convince schools to buy as many computers as possible, it is a simplistic and short- sighted phrase that suggests if every student had a device and if every teacher were trained to use these devices, then student learning would rise automatically. There is this widespread belief that ICTs can and will empower students and teachers, transforming the teaching and learning process from being highly teacher dominated to student centred however from all the reading that I have done there has not been one piece of research that categorically states this and no unequivocal  and compelling data that supports this belief either. (I can produce paper after paper that states this). Sure there have been successes here and there just as much as there have been failures. As we as leaders look at our options we need to keep in mind that our students won’t be in a relationship with a device, rather they are beginning a relationship with the world through their device. One – to – world is a better turn of phrase in my opinion when considering the content of the container because adding a digital device to the classroom without a fundamental change in the culture of teaching and learning will not lead to significant improvement. Clear goals across the curriculum must be articulated at the outset. Technology should not be seen as another initiative, but as integral to curriculum.

  • Jared Stein 13 Sep 2014 7:03pm () in Where Can I View A GAFE school

    Hi all

    Hey I was jhoping someone could tell me of any schools who are GAFE schools in the Auckland, Waikato, Coromandel or BOP area. I need to observe one in action.

    Thanks :-)

  • Jared Stein 05 Jul 2014 5:27pm () in MLEs: Learning spaces and resourcing | NAPP Kōrero 6

    Mandy I think you too have made some strong points here which are important facets of ensuring the decision making enhances the MLE’s. I recently went to a school where I saw some a wonderful MLE’s but for the most the teachers were using vey traditional methods and strategies to teach their students. I had to ask myself what was going on and what would lead to this situation? I wonder if as you put it  the school leader/s had, without strong evidence, created a change that perhaps wasn’t necessary or that the teachers weren’t ready or equipped to change and hence resistant to it.

    I believe principal need to:

    • Ensure staff have time to plan their MLE lessons  such as having the time to explore different internet sites or look at various educational software
    • Ensure that their staff a fully trained in whatever MLE facets are core to a school/classroom
    • Ensure that their teachers have accessibility to core MLE resources, including home access if possible
    • Ensure they have the technical support, as without good technical support in the classroom teachers cannot be expected to  overcome the barriers preventing them from playing their pivotal role within MLE’s 
  • Jared Stein 17 Jan 2014 4:21pm () in Are you gamifying your classroom this year?

    Hi Monika

    What an intriguing post. I'm only new on VLN today but your topic caught my eye as my son has just got into playing Minecraft through another student playing it in the last couple of weeks of school last term. I have to admit I had never heard of it before then as well and never realy thought of it as an eductional tool but now can really see some benefits of it.

    Speaking of games I was looking through some of my old resources and stumbled upon "Times Attack" which I bought 3 years ago. The grahics in this game are pretty good and from what I understand there's been updates too. I got my son to play this game over the last few days and can see how some of the KC's can be attained through the use of video games.

    Will definately be investigating this facet of learning further.