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Phil Giddens's discussion posts

  • Phil Giddens 19 Aug 2014 8:28am () in Simple voice activated text App

    I tried Dragon Dictation at home last night - and it's fantastic! I have a full, paid version for my Desktop and found that the free app for the iPad works almost as well.

    However, I can't get it to work through the proxy server at work. Is there likely to be something obvious that I'm missing in the settings for this app? (I've got previous history for missing the obvious...)

  • Phil Giddens 08 Aug 2014 7:06pm () in Advice for iPad Management

    Wow, Justine's blog entry looks marvellous! Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to post! Much appreciated. Phil

  • Phil Giddens 08 Aug 2014 2:00pm () in Advice for iPad Management

    Haaaaalp! - This is a plaintive bleat for some assistance after spending a frustrating day's release time trying to deploy Meraki in order to manage a group of 20 iPad 2 tablets.

    I'm stuck at the stage of applying the Apple Push Certificate. Well, I think that's where I'm stuck, but I'm not really even sure of that... Let's just say that now would not be a good time to ask me to judge a pet show...

    I've read all of the posts I can find on this site, viewed videos from Meraki and read through the various other online posts, but without success.

    (Please don't refer me to my school's computer guy. Because I have glasses and a sparse beard, I am the school's computer guy...)

    Yours in hopeful frustration, Phil

  • Phil Giddens 06 Aug 2014 8:39pm () in Collaborative iPad app

    I used Padlet with a group of Year 7/8 children today. One useful aspect is that it is easy to reposition blocks of text on the screen, as well as delete duplicates.