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Leah's discussion posts

  • Leah 29 Nov 2015 8:04am () in Sharing Resources

    Have you heard of this website? http://nzteachersprimary.weebly.com. People upload resources on here for others to access.

  • Leah 09 Aug 2015 5:32pm () in Wellington 'Mac' and ipad schools...

    Hey thanks for that. I have attended some PD with Google apps for teachers and educational leaders in May. I'm keen to see inside some schools, and am hoping someone will enjoy the chance to show off what their classes are doing. Thanks though!

  • Leah 09 Aug 2015 4:22pm () in Wellington 'Mac' and ipad schools...

    Are there any schools in Wellington who are using Apple devices that would be willing to share some of their teaching and learning with some observers?

    I am looking for a direction on where to go next - we are a big school with 20 classrooms (we go up to Year 6) and we have 4 ipads in each class along with an imac and lucky classes have 2 macbooks as well. Each class has an apple TV and either a TV or a data projector in their room. 

    I would love to come and visit some schools and see what's happening out there, with action plans and to have a look at what's going on in the classroom.

    Anyone keen?

    Thanks, Leah

  • Leah 07 Jun 2015 8:42pm () in How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?

    Hi - thanks for that - I think I have most of those things as evidence actually.

    About the positions, we were told (and it's in the NZEI video presentation) that everyone who has been asked to submit a portfolio, is capable of gaining ACET if their portfolio is up to scratch - so no one is in competition with each other - it's just up to you to add in everything that they're wanting to see!

    Here's the link to the ACET presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=sf0JOeONDEU&app=desktop&noredirect=1

  • Leah 05 Jun 2015 9:40pm () in How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?


    After attending the NZEI meeting last night - I was completely confused.... Going in, I really thought I was an exemplary teacher. After the meeting, I walked out thinking that I wasn't. Did anyone else feel like this?

    I have created a lot of different projects in my school - I'm the head of ICT and have created MTV awards and a Film Festival (both up-skilling children and teachers in digital tech), I have created a walking school bus, developed a digital citizenship model for the school and other bits and pieces.... but I'm thinking that these innovations won't stand up in my portfolio because they aren't directly related to improving student outcomes in curriculum areas - is that true? I'm really lost... I'm also a bit sad because we can't put our portfolio in a clear file or a folder - bit annoying! 

    I am grateful though - that we aren't competing against each other, and that we are all capable of getting the ACET allowance if our portfolios are up to scratch!

    What does everyone else think of the 2015 process? Can we help each other?


  • Leah 09 Mar 2014 9:27pm () in Integrating iPads into the maths programme

     Wow - I am doing an inquiry this year and it's on the same topic -  How can digital tools improve the numeracy achievement levels of my target students? 

    Thanks for the great ideas on apps for the ipad. I have year 2 students - are there any MUST HAVE apps?? I am new to the ipad using! Thanks!