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meeka Inglis's discussion posts

  • meeka Inglis 29 Jan 2014 12:18pm () in Purchasing cromebooks for 1:1 computing

    Hi Sarah, we have two 15 i book trolleys and they are quite heavy for moving around the school. We lose wheels from time to time and negotiating doors etcsometimes feels like heavy work. 30 may be a few too many in one trolley. 

  • meeka Inglis 20 Nov 2013 8:44pm () in Food for thought...or maybe not?

    I heard about the Manaia Kalani Trust half way through this year it sounded very interesting.... I had just sourced 20 free computers for our school, ( I kept 12 in my classroom ) and had seen dramatic improvements in spelling and engagement.

    I was googling 'Will I Am' a few nights after hearing about the trust and read that he had donated $100 000 to the project. I spent the rest of the evening searching through the Manaia Kalani site. 

    the project amazes me, the parents have brought in and the students are showing such a wide range of skill development. The parents must be very proud of their kids and of themselves as parents.

    there seems to be an initiative to offer lease to buy computers to families in decile 1 schools. I work in a decile 3 school and our local High School is working towards BYOD for 2015. I would love to see students benefit from BYOD at our school too. 

    I have received a years leave without pay and would like to use this time to set up a trust in Motueka/Tasman that will lease to buy computers to our families so that they can afford to support their children's learning. I am about to start looking for funding for my time and have restarted to outline how the trust may work. It is very early days