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  • Stephen Knightly 27 Feb 2014 11:17am () in Minecraft Edu costs

    Last year I had a few conversations with people about establishing some form of NZ Schools Shared Minecraft server.  It could be configured for constructive and education uses (eg, no griefing), but also allow schools/students nationwide to collaborate on projects.  

    Other bonuses were reduced IT administration, easy configuration of key mods, and ability for students to log-in remotely from home.  We had feedback that in many cases the Minecraft server was a rogue server on a school network only accessible during lunchtime 'Minecraft Club' sessions - when the students were using it differently at home.  There was discussion at the time that this would be an ideal service enabled by N4L network and portal.

    If there is enough interest there is a good local Minecraft host who could come on board to offer it as a service, and we might have a potential sponsor. Our key questions are how much would you pay for such a service, what key mods/features would you like?