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  • Sasha 19 Aug 2014 7:20pm () in Advice for iPad Management

    Sarah - I've had something similar happen although in a completely different situation. It may be the same problem though. I was setting up class blogs and sending out invite emails to kids so they could be contributors to the blog. Anyway the blog was saying the emails had been sent but they never actually arrived. I spent many hours trying to solve the problem (made more confusing by the fact that it worked fine in other classes). We were first told to check spam mail boxes but they weren't there. In the end our administrator contacted google and spent a long time talking to someone in another country and they finally found some obscure setting was set wrong. Sooooo I suggest ringing google and talking to them as my problem wasn't a blog one and yours may not be a meraki one but a google one too.

    best of luck

  • Sasha 23 Jul 2014 10:39am () in Connecting Ipad to a IWB or laptop.


    I think the cord you mean is a dongle - strange name. Also air server is an option where you don't need the cord.

  • Sasha 03 Jul 2014 12:41pm () in stylus use/ suppliers

    I buy small ones from the $2 type shops. They have little strings on them that plug into the microphone hole and this stops them getting lost. Seem to lady longer than pen ones. If u r using them on very young kids these might not b best but my yr3/4 cope fine. Sasha

  • Sasha 19 Jun 2014 1:52pm () in external microphones - ipad2

    Thanks Allanah, Steven and Redbeard

    Redbeard, would that lavalier mic be ok sitting in the middle of a small table? Wondering if I should be going for something wireless that could go on the table or attach to the ipad itself - like the ixy mic (rock shop). Any advice???
    Thanks again 
  • Sasha 18 Jun 2014 12:06pm () in external microphones - ipad2


    I'm doing a lot of video recording of children's learning for evidence based assessment etc. It's usually group based and going on while the rest of the class is busy as well, therefore I have a lot of background noise. My ipad is on a clamp and can video really well but the sound quality is poor. Can anyone recommend an external microphone that will actually work? The ones I've tried so far don't work (they aren't ipad ones, just ones we had already at school).  I've looked on Allanah's site but the link to the iRig mic doesn't work anymore.  I'm not a techie by a long shot so layman terminology would be helpful......